Consumers are increasingly finding QR codes on product packaging, in magazines and on advertising posters. Recently, they are printed on many items or flyers and can be easily read with modern smartphones. They provide interesting information about products or events. The square codes do not stop at the advertising industry either. To increase the advertising effect, they are often displayed on give-aways.

The two-dimensional code was developed in Japan in 1994. Initially, QR codes, which mean quick response in translation, were used in the Toyota Group. Today, customers can hardly get past them. Printed on promotional gifts, the customer or business partner has the unique opportunity to obtain more detailed information about the advertising company.

A code is used to redirect the customer to the homepage, a product detail page or other websites and thus simply makes the customer get to know the company and its products or services. QR codes can be applied to almost all promotional items. Even on a ballpoint pen, there is enough space for the informative data square. They are popular in connection with cups, bags and especially USB sticks. Thanks to the QR codes, promotional items are again significantly enhanced.

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