For most couples, a wedding is the best day of their lives. Whether a classic fairytale wedding or an individualised trend wedding – the big day should definitely be perfect. Wedding fairs, wedding planners and agencies are particularly helpful in this regard. Which promotional gifts and products from the range of Image Logo UK Ltd fit wonderfully here, we reveal in this blog post.

Wedding fairs – stand out with the right promotional gifts
Wedding fairs are a place of inspiration for the engaged. With the many different possibilities, the decision is not easy. Convince your visitors at the trade fair stand with the right promotional gifts:

Noble notebooks – so that prospective spouses can keep track of guests, wedding gifts and to-dos. Don’t forget to print your company logo and contact details!

Anti-Stress-Items – the planning of a wedding costs besides time and money also often nerves: This cute squeaking duck couple for bride and groom lets stress and worries evaporate fast! Anti-stress balls in the shape of a heart also fit in the same way, of course.

Sparkling wine, water and other drinks – a wedding is a reason to celebrate:
Bump into your visitors with a glass of sparkling wine or give them handy water bottles as a present.  

Wedding planner – relaxed to the dream wedding
Many brides hire Wedding Planners for their dream wedding – e.g. because they have to look after small children or because they lack the ideas or simply the patience for the elaborate planning. Therefore, as a Wedding Planner, advertise with the right gifts for the future:

USB sticks: invitation cards, place cards, schedule – there is so much information to exchange! Instead of filling the mailboxes of the lovers and the Wedding Planner, you can also give away a USB stick at the first appointment: it can be filled with suggestions, plans and more from both sides.
Ballpoint pens – should definitely fit the company! Pretty models with glittering stones or heart motifs are suitable for Wedding Planners.

Wedding agencies – perfect down to the last detail
The loving and thoughtful details make a beautiful wedding a perfect wedding, which fits exactly to the bridal couple. In our online shop agencies will find the right accessories and gifts for their customers:

Flip Flops – very popular for beach weddings (black for men and white for women)
and for emergency baskets. So that no painful shoes stay in the way of the dancing pleasure!

Soap bubbles – the fragile structures sparkle beautifully in the sun, make photos perfect and the excerpt from church or registry office perfect!

Candles – in small metal cans as a gift or just like that, with candles it becomes really romantic!

Balloons – best printed with the names of the bride and groom, filled with helium and finally let the balloons rise into the sky.

Sweets – jelly babies, chocolate hearts and snacks are popular with children and adults alike. Individually printed with the name of the bride and groom and the wedding date, the treat is twice as delicious!

Wellness gifts – to relax before the big day and the perfect preparation for your honeymoon

All agencies who have dedicated themselves to the perfect wedding day will find the right promotional gifts and presents for their customers with us.

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