Branded products are image carriers. Everywhere, whether in the supermarket, in the retail trade, in the catalogue and also in the online shop of Image Logo UK Ltd.
Branded articles promise quality, the buyer knows that a good brand keeps what it promises. In today’s article, we explain the functions of branded products as advertising media and the benefits you have when using branded products. Because strong brands have many advantages.

Brand functions from the customer’s point of view

  1. It serves to build trust and minimize the purchase risk.
  2. It establishes the quality or quality promise.
  3. It ensures identification with the product.
  4. It fulfils a prestige function.
  5. It ensures that a product can be identified quickly and is, therefore, a good orientation aid.
  6. Thus a brand accelerates and simplifies the process of the purchase decision.

The advantage of strong brands
Good brands are authentic and deliver what they promise. And the customer is also willing to pay a little more for this. And it is precisely this standing that is the most important point: every branded article is attributed to a certain image. And this image, which is based on the quality mentioned above on the one hand, and on the positive qualities attributed to a branded article compared to the competition on the other, is one of the most important, if not by far the most important, aspects for a purchase decision.

Quality ensures customers
Brands strengthen customer relationships. And that is also directly transferable to promotional items. For example, whether it’s a give-away ballpoint pen for trade fairs or elegant writing set for a long-standing business partner – it pays for companies to focus on brand quality such as Senator or Parker. Anyone who writes with the promotional items you give away will appreciate it if:

… the ballpoint refill used lasts long.
… the ballpoint pen housing is stable and aesthetically pleasing.
…the pen fits comfortably in your hand.

Noble branded goods + high-quality branding = good image
A branded promotional product makes your company look good. The image of the promotional product brand is transferred to the image of your company. If the recipient trusts in the quality of the promotional gift, he will perceive your company and its products or services as reliable and will place his trust in you. The result: good image, higher turnover, positive word of mouth through convinced multipliers…

But there’s something else that counts when it comes to branded products as image carriers: advertising. Your company logo or slogan is usually emblazoned on your promotional items. As a customer of an advertising novelty manufacturer, you should also pay attention to quality there. It is nice for everyone who has received your promotional item if your ballpoint pen writes long and contributes to the image again. But it is even nicer if your imprint has been applied properly, permanently and in the best quality. This quality at the manufacturer or in the finishing is doubly important because it guarantees the buyer of the promotional item long-lasting visibility in everyday life.

Excellent branding quality as an additional bonus
At the same time, the high quality of finishing also promotes the brand image of the promotional product company. For this reason and also because of our own high demands on ourselves, Image Logo UK focuses on quality. Whether laser engraving, embossing, etching, screen printing, special screen printing, sublimation printing, pad printing or embroidery – we always keep an eye on quality.

After all, it is our customers who then use the printed promotional items as an image carrier AND the end customer who should then use the item regularly and long-term in daily life.

A high quality branded promotional item of a well-known brand therefore pays off .



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