Nowadays USB sticks are ubiquitous, comparable to mobile phones. With falling prices and smaller product sizes, more and more people are using USB sticks to back up data and move it from computer to computer.

In addition, the storage capacity is getting bigger and bigger! However, the use of USB sticks is not only limited to data transfer. USB sticks are used in many other areas.

Enclosed is a list of 10 useful applications for USB memory sticks:

(1) Saving important data and files
When data is stored on a USB stick, it will continue to function after 10 years if stored at normal room temperature. For safety reasons, it is recommended that you use a second USB stick as a copy if a USB stick fails unexpectedly.


(2) Promote your business and increase brand awareness
USB sticks printed with a logo are creative and cost-effective promotional measures for your company. By distributing the printed USB sticks with your logo at trade shows, conferences or events, your brand will be noticed every time your customer uses the stick. Because USB sticks have many uses, people use them often.

Make sure that your memory stick is printed with your logo, slogan and internet address. If your company is not widely known, your logo alone is not meaningful enough. A brief overview of your company and your unique selling points will help in this case.

In addition, you can put your marketing presentations and advertising texts on your stick and let them start automatically as soon as the user inserts them into the PC.

(3) Promote your strengths
If you are a graphic designer, website designer, musician, artist or general business person who wants to show off your strengths, why not load your portfolio onto a USB stick? You can create an immediate impression by showing your references to potential customers.

(4) Distribute scripts and class tests
Schools and universities waste a lot of paper handing out scripts and tests to pupils and students. Why not put all your data on USB sticks and distribute them?

(5) Promote your new products
The introduction of new products leads to increased attention for companies. In order to inspire your customers and increase their curiosity, you can send free samples of your new product line equipped with a USB stick containing data sheets, marketing presentations and application examples.

(6) Run computer applications separately
Did you know that you can run stand-alone computer applications directly from your USB stick without having to install them? These programs can be emails, games, anti-virus programs, calendars, Windows tools and many more. Check out,, and for a list of free USB applications.

(8) Accelerate your system
If you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7 as your operating system, you can use “Windows ReadyBoost” to accelerate your system with your USB stick. The memory space of your USB stick will then be used as an additional buffer memory.

Since flash memory sticks have a higher read/write speed than hard disks, ReadyBoost can lead to a high-performance increase. For more information about Windows ReadyBoost, please go to the article, “What is Windows ReadyBoost.

(9) Back up your computer with Predator
Instead of password-protecting your computer, you can use your USB stick with the Predator application to lock/unlock your computer ( The predator will lock your computer if you are not in person. And when you come back, you can simply plug in your USB stick to unlock your computer again.

(10) Weddings Gifts for Guests
If you are looking for a creative and useful gift, you can give your guests USB sticks with contact details and wedding date. In addition, you can equip the USB sticks with your best wedding photos and your own collection of romantic songs. This will surely impress and enchant your guests.





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