“The era of pens, USB sticks and the like is over!”
No, of course not!
Even traditional promotional items still have their right to exist. But the question is: Do these promotional items fulfil their purpose? To achieve this, you first have to consider the concrete goal of using your giveaways. We have evaluated our Top 3 giveaways and promotional items 2018/2019 according to the criteria brand awareness, benefit, wow effect, costs and service life. For comparison, the all-time classic among promotional items is evaluated according to the same criteria.
If you want to be “top of mind” with your target group, the ballpoint pen is probably not the ideal promotional gift. If, on the other hand, you want to encourage people to write by hand – e.g. as a manufacturer of writing materials this might make sense – then you probably do. We remember: The promotional article per se is not simply good or bad, but the goal connected with it is crucial. However, since there are not as many manufacturers of writing materials out there as there are ballpoint pens with logos in circulation, we would like to present our Top 3 alternative and above all innovative giveaways 2018/2019.

4 central questions for the effective advertising novelty
Companies should first and foremost try to be positively remembered by their target group with a giveaway. The prerequisite for this is that the give away fits the company or its service. These are the most important questions you should always ask yourself before purchasing promotional items:

Does the give away to convey the desired emotions to the target group?
Do the services of the company and the promotional items fit together thematically?
Does the give away have a certain benefit? Does it solve a concrete problem?
Would I be happy about this promotional item myself (if I put myself in the position of the target group)?
If you can answer all these questions positively, you can assume that the giveaway or the promotional item is worth its investment. In short: A purchase will pay off for the company sooner or later (positive effects on image and turnover).

The following ideas for giveaways and promotional items are based on the classic corporate goal of “attracting attention or top of mind” – without taking the company’s industry or service into account.

1. Handy ring or smartphone ring

This trendy gadget will certainly cause a stir, and not only among friends. After all, the smartphone is omnipresent in our everyday lives. However, a handy ring is not only a beautiful accessory but first and foremost simply useful. It facilitates the secure handling of the smartphone, can be used as a practical smartphone stand (e.g. to watch videos) and offers a new and entertaining user experience; ideal conditions for using the handy ring as an innovative giveaway with logo branding.

2. Webcam cover
Who doesn’t know them? The coloured Post-it or adhesive tapes on the laptops in the university lecture hall. Why complicated when it’s simple and even more elegant? The solution is called Webcam Cover.

This is a smart slider that is glued over the camera of the laptop, tablet or smartphone. It solves two problems at once: On the one hand, it simply looks better, is permanent and counteracts post-it wear and tear. On the other hand, privacy is effectively protected. Of course, the slider is always nicely closed, except with video calls, when it can simply be pushed open.

Useful, inexpensive, innovative: The ideal promotional gift
This gadget is not only suitable as a cheap promotional item because it is an innovative problem solver, but also because your brand is very visible (and therefore top of mind). Meanwhile, we spend a lot of time on our laptops.

Another big advantage of this smart giveaway is that the packaging (at Twing) can be branded at the same time. Companies can thus optimally place their messages and deliver a completely thought-out product in their own corporate design.


3. Purse or cards wallets
Admittedly, the idea is not a world first. Correctly converted, a small, noble purse or a mini purse for cards is an ideal (premium) customer gift and therefore on our place 3 of the best promotional items 2018/2019

As a somewhat more expensive promotional gift, it is not a classic giveaway. For certain industries – e.g. security or finance – it is particularly suitable as a high-quality customer gift. It is best handed over personally in a small gift box, which can also be branded.


Logo branding is crucial
Especially for special occasions, such as Christmas, this personal promotional gift is something very special. It is important that the logo is only discreetly engraved. Especially with a wallet, a large branding can have a deterrent effect. After all, the aim is to ensure that the wallet is actually used in everyday life and gives the customer many years of pleasure. Imagine the positive word-of-mouth communication with your brand, possibly for years.



4. Ballpoint pen

As a reference and for comparison, we will evaluate below the (still) most widespread and therefore most popular promotional items according to the same 5 criteria: It is still the classic ballpoint pen.





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