These promotional gifts move with the times: LED, plasma, Bluetooth and induction are the magic words when it comes to attracting attention with your promotional items. The trendy giveaways are innovative, cool and of great benefit to the customer. We present the technology trends 2018 and 2019.

Tech-Trend arc lighters: an innovative promotional item that releases undreamt-of energy
Plasma is very conspicuous in nature: as a flash, in the northern lights of the Arctic and during a solar eclipse as a ring around the sun. And now also like the latest tech trend in the field of promotional items: as a trend-setting and optically appealing plasma lighter.

With a plasma lighter as a promotional gift you set progressive impulses. The lighters generate a fascinating arc of pure plasma instead of a flame. This is not only beautiful to look at, but also physically interesting. Because (had Sie´s known?) Plasma is – besides solid, liquid and gaseous – the fourth state of matter. In plasma lighters, voltage is generated between two oppositely charged electrodes, the air particles become ionized and electrically conductive: a plasma arc is created.

These tech lighters don’t run on gas or gasoline. The battery lasts for about 80 ignitions and can be recharged via USB. This is clean, sustainable and modern. By the way, the electric arc also withstands strong wind. This makes plasma lighters particularly attractive for outdoor applications. Lighting the candle and grill is child’s play at any time.

Slim and elegant is the plasma lighter Metmaxx BBQ lighter Future Elegance Fire. The dark metal housing is perfectly suited for a noble laser engraving with the name of your company.

On the metal body of the arc lighter Metmaxx BBQ lighter FutureTech Fire, your advertising message will be accentuated with a laser engraving.

Tech-Trend LED: Headband and knitted cap with LED light
Light-emitting diodes (LEDs for short) are the future of lighting. There’s almost nothing you can’t do with them: They are economical, flexible, robust and can be perfectly integrated into practical promotional gifts. A shining example of this are headbands with LED light and knitted caps with LED light.

With these innovative LED advertising gifts, you bring light into the darkness. Joggers, cyclists, pedestrians and walkers are happy about this, especially in the dark season. The practical LED light is dimmable and lights up to 4 hours. It can then be recharged via a USB port. The cap or the headband can, therefore, be worn again and again. Your advertising message is therefore always present in the cityscape. Individualize these promotional items with an embroidery that shows the name of your company.

Tech-Trend Bluetooth: Wireless happy
This tech trend just doesn’t go out of style. Bluetooth articles are and will remain a popular promotional gift. Of course, who likes to handle cables that just twist, knot or even disappear? With Bluetooth, the recipient is happy wirelessly. And is happy about this little everyday tech luxury. The Bluetooth advertising gifts from HACH such as Bluetooth loudspeakers, Bluetooth in-ear headphones and Bluetooth mood lights with integrated loudspeakers are rightly a long seller.

Tech-Trend Induction: Charging as if by magic
With this promotional item trend, you make the life of your customers easier: The induction charger charges the smartphone without cable connection – by simply placing it on the wireless charger. For Samsung smartphones from the S6 and Apple devices from the iPhone8.

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