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Digital luggage scale for luggage up to 35 kg.

Simply attach the sturdy nylon strap to the luggage, lift briefly and read off the weight.
Ideal for private and business travel. Includes a single gift box.

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Travel articles as advertising material: How companies advertise globally

New research from ABTA* reveals that the average number of holidays taken per person per year has grown to 3.8, an increase of 0.4 on last year. This is the highest number of holidays taken per person in the last five years and almost equal to numbers seen in 2011 (3.9). The average number of overseas holidays is at its highest, 1.7 per year, having dropped to 1.4 in 2016. Breaks in the UK have remained steady after a very successful 2016.

Besides city trips, holidays in the mountains, bike trips or cruises, the beach holiday is still the most popular way of vacationing. Most holidaymakers not only want to escape from everyday life and find peace, but also want to be active and get to know new cultures.
Companies should consider the use of travel products as an advertising medium in their marketing strategy in order to draw attention to themselves.

Travel items as promotional items – Useful travel accessories
When you travel, you have to think in advance about what you are taking with you. Especially when travelling in warmer climates, the question of the right sun protection arises in order to be able to enjoy the relaxing days in a relaxed way. In addition to sunscreenhats are also an adequate means of protection against the sun.

In the event that minor injuries occur, especially during holidays with children, a plaster box and a first aid kit should also be included in your luggage. Also hygiene is very important when you are out and about. Hand sanitiser should be quickly at hand so you can clean your hands anywhere.

For a beach vacation a water ball is great fun to mess around in the water with. And if you’re looking for a shady spot on the beach maybe a pop-up beach shell is the answer.

Companies generate reach with travel products as advertising material
For companies, travel items as advertising material are an excellent opportunity to advertise themselves. Customers will not only enjoy the benefits of the various advertising products, but will also take them with them on their travels and use them. The distribution of a company logo or slogan then happens as a matter of course. Companies that use travel items as advertising material thus ensure that their advertising message is always present when customers and business partners travel.

Especially when travelling, the target group of a company has more direct contact with the promotional items and thus perceives the advertising message in a sustainable way. In addition to the practical benefits, however, a lasting value is also created, which the recipient associates with positive memories in particular, resulting in a lasting image gain for companies.

But travel products can also be sold at trade fairs and major events as a wonderful promotional gift. I’m sure there’ll be another vacation. And anticipation is still the most beautiful joy.


  • ABTA is the UK’s largest travel association

Mobile chargers for Smartphones & Co: Induction chargers and Powerbanks as advertising media

Whether banking, reading messages, writing and receiving emails or social networking, smartphones and tablets have become an integral part of our daily lives. After all, nobody wants to be deprived of the freedom to do everything anytime and anywhere. Due to the heavy use, however, the battery of many smartphones does not last too long and threatens to wear out prematurely. To prevent this, mobile chargers are real life savers for all mobile device users. And induction chargers and power banks are an excellent advertising medium for companies.

Powerbanks as an advertising medium: useful helpers in everyday life
Powerbanks are external batteries equipped with lithium-ion or lithium-polymer batteries, making it possible to charge mobile USB devices such as smartphones and tablets anytime, anywhere. Power is supplied via one or more USB ports. The Powerbank itself is charged via a micro-USB connection via the computer or an external power supply. However, the charging process of the Powerbank is usually much faster using a power supply unit with a socket.

The range of Powerbanks has become more and more extensive over the years. Some come in a stylish nylon case and other Powerbanks come with 2in1 micro-USB cables, so they can be used as a power source for two devices at the same time. The latest generation of mobile chargers are Powerbanks with induction charging function, which additionally enable charging by simply placing them on the charger.

The advantages of Powerbanks at a glance:
Power smartphones and tablets on the go
Can charge one or more devices in parallel
Charges not only smartphones and tablets, but also smart watches, MP3 players and GPS devices
Do not require a special charger
Inexpensive to buy
The predecessor of the Powerbank was the adapter with Micro-USB. The next generation are induction chargers that make wireless charging possible.

Induction chargers: Wireless Charging is the future
Charging with induction chargers is even easier and without any connections. The functionality of this generation of mobile chargers is very simple. There is a coil in each transmitter and receiver. As soon as alternating current flows through the transmitter coil, a voltage is diverted in the receiver coil. This means that the energy is transmitted wirelessly from a charging station (transmitter) to the smartphone (receiver).

The advantages of induction chargers at a glance:

Wireless Chargers protect the USB interface of a smartphone
No tangle of cables
No more charging socket required
Power supply for smartphones everywhere
Inexpensive to buy

Indispensable for modern companies: Wireless Charger and Powerbanks as advertising media
The promotional products industry is growing. Classics such as pens or notepads have become indispensable, but a new generation is preparing to conquer the market: electronic promotional items. Induction chargers and power banks have already become an indispensable means of advertising for companies and have hit the nerve of the times.

Because the more powerful smartphones become, the more battery capacity is used. However, the capacity of the internal batteries is usually insufficient for daily use, which is why more and more users are using Powerbanks. The use of Powerbanks as an advertising medium is therefore ideal for spreading your own company logo or slogan. However, when choosing Powerbanks as a promotional item, companies should define the type of user they want to reach in advance of a promotion.

It also makes sense to have power banks and induction chargers printed, because the small charging stations fit in every briefcase and every jacket pocket. Whether in leisure time, at work or on holiday, the mobile chargers are useful accessories, which are always and everywhere present and thus the spreading of the advertising message has a high range.

With mobile chargers, companies not only achieve a great advertising effect, they are also ideally suited as a modern promotional gift for existing customers. The constant presence of a company logo or a catchy slogan will be lastingly remembered by the user of this promotional gift as well as their environment.


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