Send your customers a tasty treat!

Send our new postal boxes filled with tempting and tasty treats….

Postal Box comes filled with flow wrapped Micropops, our signature 12 Baton chocolate bar, flow wrapped Refresher Pack opt 1 and a chocolate Medallion.
MOQ 100


£15.00 Delivery (1 UK address)
£45.00 Origination for artwork

Handcrafted in house, this 12 Baton Chocolate bar is made from 41% milk chocolate cocoa. Branded in full-colour kraft film.
MOQ 250


£15.00 Delivery (1 UK address)
£45.00 Origination for artwork

Our Bean Dispensers come branded with a full-colour dome label to the lid. Included with this product is a 1kg bag of Jolly Beans.
MOQ 10


£15.00 Delivery (1 UK address)
£25.00 Origination for artwork

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Happy Easter! Eggcellent… Made in Britain

Hope you agree that it´s nearly that time to be crackin`eggs.
We have the mix to make your clients smile! 

Free 3D design service.
Send us the components, your instructions – a  sketch – or whatever… we send you a fully finished 3D visual.

Good to know! As well as being reusable and recyclable, our tubes are made from 100% FSC certified recycled card
And fill it with…..  

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Easter – Making others happy with sweet promotional items

In food retailing, sweets are the rage with the highest turnover. In particular, and not as one might assume at Christmas time, but at Easter, consumption is particularly high. At no other time is so much money spent on confectionery than at Easter, because many consumers reward themselves at the end of the Lent. They consider friends and relatives with sweet gifts during the Easter season. At the same time, Easter is also an ideal time for companies to make customers and business partners happy with sweet promotional items and advertising materials.

Fruit gumscookiesbiscuits, and ice cream are also very popular. The foundation for our love of sweets is undoubtedly laid in childhood. Also people associate sweets with beautiful memories of their own childhood.

Sweet promotional items – something for every taste
Companies don’t have to spend much money to give customers and business partners a little joy at Easter with a sweet-filled Easter
gift. Chocolate and sweets are generally advertised as an advertising gift, which depends on quality and appealing packaging.

From sweet articles such as the mini versions of Mars, Twix, Snickers and Bounty bars to fine chocolate editions such as the Chocri Chocolate World Tour or the Rabbel Presence Box with 12 fine chocolates and truffles, there is something for every taste.

Sweet promotional items
Everyone likes to receive
a gift, especially a sweet promotional gift. The occasion is almost immaterial, though large events like as Easter and Christmas are always good fun.

However, this does not mean that sweets, as promotional items cannot be a complete success on other days. However, the needs of the respective target group should always be taken into account. Companies should find out which holidays and events are important to their target group. After all, chocolate, gummy bears, muesli bars and sweets are also popular promotional items outside Lent.