In the digital age, online marketing seems to be the only way for many companies to reach customers and attract their attention. Other marketing channels seem superfluous at first because the reach offered by the World Wide Web is incomparably large. Advertisements can be placed for specific target groups and small reminders of the last shop visit can be sent by e-mail to numerous customers. Why do more companies still rely on promotional items? What do they have that online advertising & CO. do not have?

For half a century, promotional items have been a popular marketing tool. They have proven themselves and apparently survived the hype about other advertising media. Because now studies show that 47% of enterprises use advertising novelties. At first, this does not appear to be a top value, but in a media comparison lanyards, bags and ballpoint pens are brilliant. Mass media, such as radio or television, have to admit defeat with values in the single digits. Even online advertising is only used by 31% of companies.

Why do companies use promotional items as a marketing tool?
The reasons for the use are versatile:

Promotional items are used regularly because of their utility value and thus have a very lasting advertising effect: 78% of the products given away are remembered by the addressees of the name of the advertising company.

In addition, companies indicated that the use of promotional items has a positive effect on the company image and noticeably increases the level of awareness.

Unlike other advertising methods, customers pay attention to promotional items. Due to its haptic character, the advertising experience in such situations is completely different.

Another plus point in favour of promotional items is their adaptability to the company, the industry or the products. Thus there are ideally adapted promotional items for the most different enterprises: Travel agencies give away USB sticks with an aeroplane look, doctors’ surgeries individualize plasters and restaurants use napkins with logo printing.


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Colourful advertising with balloons

They make children’s eyes light up. Decorate every party. Not to be missed at ceremonial business openings or anniversaries. They play a part at sporting events and are available in numerous versions, they give you the feel good factor. Balloons are an indispensable accessory for every happy occasion. In addition, balloons are ideal for conveying advertising messages. Companies that use balloons as advertising material attract attention in a particularly colourful way.

Popular with young and old: Balloons
Everyone undoubtedly remembers their childhood all too well and remembers receiving their first balloon. Also the disappointment when the beautiful colourful balloon slides out of the hands and floats unstoppably towards the sky. Even though hardly anyone will forget such an event in retrospect, balloons are still the epitome of joy and fun.

Parties have long used balloons in their election campaigns. After all, election campaigns are above all a time for presents. In addition to the use of election posters, the parties are trying to draw attention to themselves with balloons. Of course, printable balloons are a must.

If you want to really light up your event and impress your guests, there is nothing better than the LED balloon. Luminous LED balloons are an extraordinary and atmospheric idea for the most diverse occasions.

Use balloons as an advertising opportunity for corporate advertising.
Advertising always plays an important role for companies. Because the external appearance is undoubtedly an elementary basis for the image formation of a company. In addition to cultivating a company’s image, it is of course also important to increase the company’s level of awareness. In order to achieve sustainable success with advertising, a high budget is by no means necessary.

Besides advertising classics such as pens and calendars, companies should not neglect the use of balloons as advertising material. Colourful balloons will offer the company the opportunity to attract the attention of even the youngest and, at the same time, they can open an unobtrusive conversation with their parents – while the children enjoy the balloons.

Another advantage of balloons as an advertising medium is that they are perceived from a great distance and thus attract attention, for example to the opening of a new shop.

Balloons are among the most popular giveaways at summer parties, to which companies not only invite employees, but also the public. Even if the balloon runs out of air at some point, a company logo or slogan remains present even after the event. In addition, everyone likes to remember a successful, atmospheric event and will automatically associate this with the organizing company.

Ballpoint pens as an advertising medium – advertising that fits well in your hand

It all began in Budapest in the 1930s when László Józef Jíró invented it. Since then, many politicians have made history with him. Others with them signed any kind of contracts. Some people often hold it in their hands, but only scribble it to themselves. Most of us have more than one. For people like Kuli Klaus, it is even a much sought-after collector’s item. The most frequently used writing instrument: the ballpoint pen. But the ballpoint pen is not only widely used and known as a colourful dog. He’s a real advertising star. The ballpoint pen is indispensable as an advertising medium for companies that want to have a permanent presence.

Companies should use ballpoint pens as an advertising medium

The ballpoint pen is without a doubt the advertising novelty allrounder par excellence. Whether made of plastic or metal, whether in modern colours or elegant design, without the ballpoint pen it simply does not work. Everyone can use a pen, whether for letters, birthday cards, notes or for signing documents.

The first person to sign with a ballpoint pen was probably László Józef Jíró himself in 1936.

Today, ballpoint pens are an indispensable give-away, especially at trade fairs, seminars, workshops and public events. In order to achieve the full attention and effect, the personal advertising of a company must not be missing.

A fine writing set, for example, is suitable as a very special attention for business partners or as a sign of appreciation for long-term customers.

The laser engraving of the ballpoint pen and an advertising print on the case, with a company logo or slogan, mean that companies are not only constantly present to the user, but also leave a particularly positive impression.

The laser engraving of the ballpoint pen and an advertising print on the case, with a company logo or slogan, mean that companies are not only constantly present to the user, but also leave a particularly positive impression.

But it can also be stylishly advertised with metal pens that convey advertising messages with style and elegance.

Companies that want to communicate to their customers that they also think about the environment should include ballpoint pens made of bamboo, wood or of plastic in their range of advertising media, because ecological sustainability is becoming increasingly important.

Ballpoint pens – fully in vogue despite digitalization!

Although the target groups of companies are increasingly being spoiled with technical promotional items, pens remain indispensable as advertising media, just like lighters, key rings and parking discs, even in the digital age.

Companies use a USB ballpoint pen or stylus to make a particularly effective impression on their customers. Ballpoint pens are and will remain an indispensable promotional item for companies, as the recipient remains in contact with the advertising message of a company for the duration of his use.

Ballpoint Pen Features

Using ballpoint pens as an advertising medium is undoubtedly an inexpensive and effective way for companies to draw attention to themselves.

Moreover, they are extremely practical, because not only can a lot be written with them, they are also distinguished by their high robustness.

Because ballpoint pens are document-proof, they are particularly suitable for filling out forms and important documents. In addition, ballpoint pen refills last longer than fountain pen cartridges and therefore do not need to be changed as often.



Laser – Precise individualization for promotional items

Even the finest structures can be engraved on promotional items with a laser. From the finely integrated company logo on the edge of a knives to the name of the person receiving the gift in a special font on a USB stick – laser engraving is always the method of choice here. But what does “laser” actually mean? The abbreviation stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.

The abbreviation stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. So a laser translates to a light amplified by induced emission. And this light is so powerful that you can cut and even weld with it. The proverbial laser-accurate precision of these bundled light beams is only one of the many advantages of the laser in laser engraving, i.e. the marking of promotional items.

The five major advantages of laser marking
1. A laser achieves the highest precision in engraving.
2. Laser engravings are extremely durable. There is practically no loss of quality due to environmental influences, solvents or even abrasion.
3. The choice of materials that can be laser marked is huge, ranging from metals to glass, plexiglass, leather, wood, plastic, paper,
and, and, and.
4. Lasers work without contact, which allows even the marking of complicated surface structures.
5. Once the motif has been clarified, the laser is controlled by computer, which enables automation and thus faster working processes.

Laser engraving
There different laser types to brand the various promotional items for customers: Fiber lasers and CO² lasers. Both laser types have different areas of application.

Fiber lasers are mainly used for engraving metal, for example for marking steel and aluminum pens or the torches, which are also very popular as advertising media.

The most common laser form still in use today, the CO² laser or gas laser, is mainly used for refining non-metallic materials. The spectrum ranges from stone and wood to glass, paper and even textiles or plastic. Gas lasers generally have a wavelength of 10.6 micrometers, while fiber lasers have a focus diameter of only 1.064 μm

This results in a much higher laser intensity in comparison. In summary, the “CO² laser in the family” is the generalist and the fiber laser the specialist.

4C Digital printing – colourful advertising at top prices

CMYK, i.e. cyan, magenta, yellow and black: these are the four colours used in state-of-the-art 4C digital printing. In addition, white and clear varnish can be used in this printing process. So that you end up with six colours. This printing process is particularly in demand for small editions or personalized promotional items.

The data comes directly from the computer, the time-consuming creation of screens, films and the like is no longer necessary, and there is also no limitation to just a few spot colours. In addition, 4C digital printing has another great advantage: the print is of the highest quality. Here complex colour gradients and even photos can be printed borderless and brilliantly.


Your promotional items – our quality promise
The three most important advantages of 4C digital printing are therefore:

Favourable price, thanks to less effort with several printing ink. Fast finishing of branded promotional items in four-colour printing
Best quality for photo-realistic printing in the finest resolution
And these benefits are extremely relevant to advertisers. After all, your promotional items should be a figurehead for your company. This is guaranteed by the experts of Image Logo UK Ltd.

Situations in which a small edition of promotional items makes sense

It does not always have to be a large order when it comes to promotional items. Much more important are good reasons or occasions for which you can distribute your high-quality promotional items to your customers.

Perhaps you will also notice when you look into the warehouse that your promotional items are slowly coming to an end. However, you will need a few additional copies of key rings, bottle openers or notepads for a trade fair, for example, so that you are not left out in the cold when potential customers or business partners show up at your trade fair stand.

Fast delivery times – short runs
Here 4C digital printing is the perfect solution, as the advertising media are printed in high quality and photorealistic colourful and ready for use in the shortest possible time. However, the low production costs are also suitable for individual items whose production in classical printing processes would not be economically feasible.
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As the saying goes: Gifts maintain friendship. And good gifts increase this even further, because they can strengthen business friendships
– a characteristic that is usually of financial advantage in business life.