Seminars & training sell with promotional items

You never stop learning – this saying is as old as it is true. Training, courses, workshops and more are booming. Every company wants its employees to be up-to-date and up to date. That’s why a lot of money is invested in seminars and training courses. Much to the advantage of the many educational institutions. Advertising is nevertheless important. But how can promotional gifts be ideally used for seminars and training courses?

At trade fairs – ballpoint pens, pencils & sticky notes as giveaways
Those who present their offers at trade fairs should not appear there without suitable and useful promotional gifts.

A ballpoint pen printed with logo and contact details fits in every pocket and can be handed over wonderfully together with flyers and further information material. A nice alternative to these classics is high-quality pencils. Abstract offers can be better sold if notes and pencils are taken and the services “recorded”. Sticky notes are very suitable for this purpose. The useful stickers can thus not only be used by the company’s own employees but can also be given directly to interested parties as promotional items.

In the personnel office – the personal conversation counts!
Many seminars and training courses are arranged by the employer himself and are often regular events, e.g. for trainees. It is therefore very important for training providers to have a good connection to the personnel office. Catalogues, brochures and more are best delivered personally by the contact persons. This usually provides the opportunity for a brief discussion in which the current needs and satisfaction with previous measures can be determined without obligation. If you want to be on the safe side and don’t just want to “barge in”, make an appointment.

In the event itself – highlighters, snacks & dextrose as small gifts
The participants of a seminar or training should already find some suitable promotional items at their place. Highlighters with logo printing are ideal when working with scripts or printed documents. This allows participants to easily mark important passages and terms. A similar function is fulfilled by adhesive markers. Snacks such as peanuts or small pretzels are just the thing for the grey cells to work optimally. The small sachets can be decorated perfectly with the company logo and pretty motifs. So you can create little eye-catchers that taste delicious and give a good feeling (especially in the stomach) at the same time. Dextrose is a classic advertising candy: it provides a quick boost of energy in the morning or afternoon.

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Our alternatives to plastic – Innovative promotional items made of cork, wood & Co.!

Promotional items made of cork, wood and other sustainable materials will continue to be particularly popular in spring 2019. Because advertising with environmentally friendly and ecological articles is becoming more and more important. Although plastic is of course still one of the most important materials for many products worldwide, in the new year it is more than ever worth taking a look at biodegradable alternatives!

Plastic and Co. – what are the alternatives?
In 2019, sustainability now means much more than just storing purchases from the supermarket in fabric bags or paper bags, bags or backpacks or enjoying coffee in an environmentally friendly to go cup. We are not the only ones who want to live as resource-conserving as possible and keep our ecological footprint as small as possible. Companies are also taking the issue of sustainability more seriously than ever before.

A rethinking process has been underway in the handling of plastics for several years now. In 2019, this will now take the form of regulations and laws that will have a strong influence on consumers and everyday business life. Thus the keyword sustainability for companies in 2019 has changed from freestyle to duty. For example, the handling of packaging material for companies has been newly regulated and consumers will soon have to do without a wide variety of disposable plastic articles such as disposable straws in favour of the environment through an EU-wide ban.

This influence can also be felt in the advertising industry. In 2019, a wide range of new materials will continue to be used here as an environmentally friendly addition to promotional items made of classic plastic.

New sustainable trend materials 2019
1. Cork: with a particularly sustainable feel and appearance
2. Bio-plastic: innovative plastic. Biodegradable and made from naturally renewable raw materials.
3. Bamboo fibre and wood
4. recycled paper/cardboard

From everyday objects to promotional items made of cork
Among other things, cork is extracted from the bark of the cork oak and has been used as a raw material for centuries. One of the world’s largest cork producers is based in Portugal, where the cork is mainly used to make corks for wine bottles. In Asia, the bark of the Amur cork tree is mainly used for the production of cork and imported to Europe. In the economy, cork finds numerous applications due to its special material properties. For everyone in everyday life, cork is visible as flooring, as a pinboard in the office, school or club. All Voran one finds cork as a closure for wine bottles.

Ecological advertising effect guaranteed!
The use of cork as a material for promotional items is relatively new. Here cork makes for a special:

  • intensive haptic experience due to the surface structure
  • pleasant and warm surface
  • Due to its naturalness, the raw material cork conveys a particularly ecological image!

High-quality branded – promotional items made of cork with pad printing!
Tampon printing is particularly suitable for printing promotional items made of cork. Here the particularly flexible pad transfers the printing ink even into the smallest grooves of the material and ensures a particularly opaque and luminous colour power. Due to its lively and absorbent surface texture, cork is particularly suitable for large, flat advertising prints. For logos with delicate lines or even small fonts, we recommend our sustainable promotional items made of bio-plastic or wood. Our advertising printing experts will be happy to advise you!


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Everyone is happy to receive a gift, even if it is just a small gimmick. Giving creates a positive impression. It can build up goodwill, convey an incentive, communicate a message and create awareness.

You can order a whole armada of promotional gifts on the Internet, but before you do, you should be able to answer the following 10 questions:

1. What would you like to achieve by giving away a high-quality advertising medium?
Your promotional items should be designed in such a way that they strengthen your memory, motivate the recipient to communicate with you and increase your recognition value.

2. What criteria will you use to select your premium promotional item?
There are many different aspects to consider. But which ones suit you best? To choose the right item, you need to set your goals. Do you want your advertising material to communicate a certain topic better, to convey a certain message or to “educate” your target group? A clear goal should help make your selection easier. An advertiser can also help you make an effective selection and order the right promotional materials. Remember that your company’s image is reflected in the items you give away, whatever they may be.

3. To whom do you want to send your promotional gifts?
A clear objective regarding the meaning and purpose of your promotional gift will help you decide who should receive your giveaways. Perhaps it is advisable to use different promotional gifts for different types of recipients, for example, men and women. It may also make sense to have different qualities from one advertising medium for your A, B and C customers and for generally interested parties.

4 How does your giveaway integrate into your central marketing message?
Does the promotional gift have an aspect that logically complements your marketing message? Is your slogan printed on the item and your company name, logo and phone number clearly displayed? An important aspect of every promotional gift is to remind the recipient who gave it to them long after it has been received.

5. What is your budget?
The price scale for high-quality promotional gifts is enormous. Quality, quantity and individual wishes have a direct influence on the price. Especially the quantity. Therefore, consider whether it might make sense for cost reasons to order more of a certain article than you currently need.

6. Do prospective customers have to qualify in any way for a premium gift?
There are several ways to effectively use your premium gifts. For example, as a reward for participating in a product demonstration, or as an incentive for filling out a specific questionnaire, or as a thank you for visiting your trade fair stand. Avoid distributing high-priced promotional gifts to everyone. This not only reduces their “perceived” value but also has no memorability factor.

7. Do your promotional gifts have a direct impact on your future sales?
For example, distribute discount coupons or gift vouchers that ensure that recipients will contact you to redeem them and possibly buy more items at the regular price. Such a campaign can be implemented very quickly and inexpensively, especially in the online sector.

8. How high is the quality of your promotional gifts?
Don’t just order 1000 pens just because they’re so cheap. Buy 100 high-quality ballpoint pens. with which you can write perfectly and with pleasure. These will be in circulation much longer than the 1000 cheap copies. The attribute “cheap” can be transferred very quickly to your company and then you make rather negative advertising, which can hardly be your goal.

9. Do your promotional gifts have a direct relation to your company?
If you invest in high-priced promotional gifts, then you should make sure that the gifts have as close a relationship as possible to your company and to the products you sell. The closer the relationship, the more memorable the gift recipient will be.

10. How high is the usefulness factor of your promotional gifts?
Do your promotional gifts offer the recipient a real benefit or are they just gimmicks that have a unique look, but then lose all appeal? Remember: The higher the utility value of the promotional gift, the more often the recipient will actually use the gift and remember you positively.

If you consider these 10 tips, then your next advertising campaign will certainly be successful.



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Promotional items and give-aways for customer acquisition

In the context of business start-ups, advertising, in particular, is an important means of drawing the attention of potential new customers to one’s own start-up. At first, you may think of flyers, posters or TV and radio advertising, but it may also be relevant to give away promotional items to win customers.

In the following, it goes around the sense and purpose of B2B gifts, the variety of advertising novelties, as well as worth knowing in relation to costs and taxes for advertising novelties.

Some founders may turn up their noses at the idea of spending money on promotional items but have certainly not yet considered that they could already own promotional items from other companies themselves.

Whether conspicuously placed or inconspicuously hidden – many people have promotional gifts at home. This refers to ballpoint pens, notepads, USB sticks, lighters or money boxes. Often you don’t even know when you got them and yet we own them – promotional items, giveaways.

There are two important aspects of promotional items. On the one hand, tax regulations must be observed when purchasing and passing on promotional items. On the other hand, the advertising novelty must fit the enterprise. Because some useless or consumable advertising novelties throw customers away and/or are eaten, other advertising novelties linger mostly for years.

Before it concerns the fiscal aspect in handling an advertising novelty, a view is thrown on the variety, the organization possibility and the Potential of the advertising novelty. Because holidays and celebrations are great for the distribution of giveaways.

Why promotional items?
A promotional item is a commodity of little value to be given away by companies in order to attract attention. Thus, a promotional item is a haptic sales aid. Haptics refers to what the customer feels, i.e. takes into his hands, and can understand.

Especially if it is a web-based business model or a service, it is especially important to use haptic sales aids. This is how you can symbolically transfer an idea to a promotional item and make it comprehensible for the customer.

The sense and purpose of an advertising article are, therefore, to arouse a need in the customer or to explain the business idea of the company. A classic example of this is the piggy bank as a promotional gift from a bank.

The freestyle in dealing with a promotional item is to select and design the promotional item in such a way that the customer perceives it as a (promotional) gift and not as a giveaway. A good promotional item is therefore perceived as a gift that conveys an idea or the company logo.

Variety of promotional items: classic, practical, Christmassy
Depending on the target group, price range and occasion, there is a large selection of promotional items. We have collected a few classic, creative and unusual promotional items. Of course, the promotional items vary in terms of price, but one thing is certain – there is nothing you can’t give away as a promotional item.

Classic promotional items
USB flash drive
piggy bank
key fob
Cups and mugs
Confectionery and beverages

Promotional items as practical household aids
smoke detectors
motion detector
knife block
spirit level
tape measure
folding rule
ice scraper

Technical promotional products
mobile phone pocket
Touch Pen
pocket calculators

Summer promotional items
ice cube tray
drinking bottle
flip flops
First aid kit
folding chair
bicycle light

Promotional items for children
lunch boxes
spinning top
colouring book
soap bubbles
wax crayon

Christmas Promotional Items
baking mould
bottle opener
Advent calendar
Christmas hat
stuffed animal
cookie cutter

Statistics show that 94% of respondents said they owned one or more promotional items. 57% of them, i.e. slightly more than half of the respondents, could remember the brand or company name. Particularly interesting is the information that three-quarters of these advertising novelties are longer than 6 months in the possession of the receivers. 37% have even been at home for more than two years.

More relevant than the whereabouts of the promotional items is the effect on the purchase decisions of the recipients. 37% of the respondents stated that the promotional item had a positive influence on the customer’s decision to buy.

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Giveaways in online marketing?

Online marketing consists of a large extent of numbers.

What role can the human factor play? Can you increase traffic with small giveaways? How can you possibly increase conversions with classical instruments?

Below are some examples and suggestions on how giveaways can support an online marketing strategy.

Without traffic, nothing goes on
Every online project is first and foremost about traffic. Generating traffic is the primary goal of any online marketing.

The possibilities are manifold. About SEO, SEM & Co. you can find many fantastic sources on the net.

But how can small giveaways increase traffic?

Giveaways can be a good option for link bait promotions. The gift as an incentive for a link. This is not about buying links, bribes or the like. The legal limits for the deductibility of promotional items are precisely regulated. It is important that the value and originality correspond to the “have-will factor” of the target group.

Examples of promotional gifts in Linkbait action:

  • A coffee mug in which the motif only becomes visible when filled hot. Here one can tell wonderful stories with two states. These coffee cups are always an eye-catcher.
  • A really personal giveaway for the link provider is personalised advertising gifts. The USB stick with your own blog address or a calendar with any “desired name”.
  • One idea where topic relevance is automatically generated is tested products. There are many bloggers who like to test products, write an article about them and link to them. As a reward, the tested products may be kept.
  • With raffles in which e.g. mobile phone bags are raffled, some “fans” can be won (more fans, more signals from social networks, more visibility).

Recently, much has been said about future parameters of search engine algorithms. The importance of being well linked in a topic-relevant (also social) network comes up again and again. For sustainable online marketing, it is therefore essential to identify the best link sources and to design a strategy for acquisition and retention.

There are always people behind these link sources. Therefore, as in “real” life, one can also make use of the customs of our culture here. Small promotional gifts receive the friendship as has been proven.

But what can this look like in practice? We recommend a range of different, creative giveaways in different qualities. An Excel list is always helpful.

Now identified persons are divided into importance for the success of the strategy. For each group, a plan is now created for when and in what period different contacts (e.g. emails, personalized direct mails with giveaways, networking appointments, etc.) are sent out.

So if you have built up a broad network of contacts over a longer period of time, many online tasks become easier.

Existing customers are cheaper than new customers
If visitors are now on the site or in the shop and have been persuaded to buy by a fantastic online experience, it is important to ensure that this is not a one-time experience.

Depending on the industry, the costs for acquiring new customers vary considerably – they all have one thing in common: it is much more expensive to acquire new customers than to continue doing business with existing customers. A major focus should, therefore, be placed on the after-sales strategy. Of course, newsletters are the number one instrument here, but the more individual and creative the address, the more loyalty can be expected.

Whether small giveaways or high-quality advertising materials are specifically transported to the customer’s environment naturally depends on the customer lifetime value. In principle, it doesn’t matter which promotional item you choose, it only has to meet a few requirements to be able to exert its advertising power:

The giveaway should definitely be integrated into a story. There must be a reference to the statement that is to be made. Example: “You certainly have the best online retailer for XYZ…”->Safety Vest
The advertising material should meet certain quality requirements, otherwise, the well-intentioned shot can backfire.
Depending on the intention, the lifetime of the giveaway should be considered. A creative coffee mug lives longer than a bag of fruit jelly bears.
The environment in which the promotional item is used plays an important role in whether it is actually used. To visualize the average workplace once is certainly not harmful.

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