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Promotional items for children to start school

The end of August marks the beginning of a new phase in the lives of many children: they start school.
Excited and with the school bag at their disposal they start into the wonderful adventrue of school. The school enrolment will be more pleasurable experience if they are fully armed with all of the stationery they need.
Parents and grandparents are usually very generous on this occasion. After all, the little ones should not lack anything.
Companies also benefit particularly from the target group of school beginners. Promotional items for children are particularly in demand at the beginning of the school year. Because the brand is associated here with a particularly memorable event for parents and children.

Promotional items for the start of school
Besides gift classics such as crayons and painting sets, children also enjoy funny toys. A bouncy ball and a fidget spinner will certainly also create a lot of enthusiasm.

The following things are also particularly suitable for starting school:

key fob
pencil case
pencil sharpener

     In addition, there are a lot of utensils and promotional items for children at the beginning of school that prove useful in
     everyday school life.

Practical utensils for everyday school life
Once school life has arrived, other things are of course extremely useful in addition to teaching materials. Lunch boxes and fruit boxes are just as much part of the basic equipment as a drinking bottle or a cereal bowl. Because it is often at the beginning of school time that breakfast is shared in order to strengthen the sense of community within the class and to bring the topic of healthy nutrition closer to the children.

In addition, safety plays an important role, as sooner or later parents will let their children go to school on their own. Promotional items that help children arrive and return from school safely are a must.

Safety & protection for children on their way to school and in traffic

children warning vest

Getting to school is often the first way children travel without parents. In order for parents to be able to send their child out on their own without worry is to kit them out with road safety products. Also a child-sized umbrella as protection against the rain is perfect as a promotional item for the way to school!

Warning vestsreflectors and click tapes are particularly useful to improve the visibility of young road users.

This is especially necessary when the morning school trip starts in the dark.

Promotional items for children at the beginning of school offer companies the opportunity to address children and parents as a target group at the same time. Since children are the customers of tomorrow, it makes sense to anchor oneself in their consciousness early enough to bind them to one’s own brand in the long term. There is no doubt that children’s eyes not only perceive the world differently, but also advertising.

For children, advertising is more direct, more positive and, above all, less perceived as such.

But parents are also an extremely relevant target group for companies. Not only do they come into daily contact with their child’s school utensils, they also decide which items are of use to their own child and have a positive influence on the child’s development.

Companies should therefore be aware that the selection of promotional items for children is very extensive. Many of these products can be printed with a company slogan or logo.

Nevertheless, care should be taken to make them suitable for children. In order not to miss the advertising effect both with the child and with the parents, special attention should be paid to the quality of the products.