Printed T-shirts are an indispensable part of everyday life, whether private or business. The advantage for companies is obvious: branded clothing strengthens the feeling of togetherness and sends out advertising messages. Let yourself be inspired and find T-shirt slogans that suit your company.

 Why you can score with printed T-shirts
Corporate Fashion” and thus also T-shirt slogans for the professional sector are becoming increasingly important. Even in industries for which no workwear is prescribed, companies can be found that provide their employees with a uniform outfit. This demonstrably increases identification with the company and strengthens cohesion among colleagues, while at the same time creating an advertising effect. In shops open to the public, it also makes it easier for customers to find a contact person.

Complete suits or costumes are less in demand – at least for smaller companies. Most companies rely on uniform T-shirts, which offers some advantages:

Printed T-shirts are cheap. Thus the budget is not overburdened. Therefore, employees can be given several shirts to change.
In contrast to other workwear, T-shirts are designed faster and can therefore be updated very easily.
“One fits all” – this does not apply to the size, but with a normal fit, everyone can wear a T-shirt. So you are more flexible, because taking measurements is no longer an issue.
Your order is uncomplicated:
Simply select the T-shirt you want, colour and size(s) online, upload print templates – and off you go!
The decisive advantage of a T-shirt – or polo shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies … – is the large advertising space. It offers space for a motif and a snappy slogan, both on the front and the back. There is only one question left: What exactly should be on the top?

How to find the right T-shirt slogans?
First of all, you should clarify what function the T-shirt should fulfil. Is it intended as daily workwear, for a uniform appearance at an event or as a promotional gift? Think about who you want to address with your shirts. Is your target group rather youthful and open-minded or rather conservative and reserved? Of course, the advertised product or service also plays a role. Your chosen t-shirt slogan should match it.

Once these points have been clarified, you and/or your team can get creative. Use brainstorming, for example, to find new ideas. Afterwards you have to check the collected suggestions for their suitability: Do the slogans fulfil the agreed purpose? Are they understandable and attractive for the target group? Does this set us apart from the competition? Could we avoid putting our foot in it?

Do´s and don’ts for promotionally effective T-shirt slogans

*Be creative and unique! Modify well-known sayings specifically for your own purpose.
*Formulate your slogan appropriately and avoid any reference to politics, religion or any other potentially sensitive topics. 
*Check your T-shirt slogans once again before printing. 
*Also pay attention to where the design is printed and who is wearing it. Harmless sayings can otherwise quickly and unintentionally create a risky context.
*A good T-shirt slogan for your company allows clear conclusions about your offer and your products.
*Stay professional, even if the T-shirts are designed for an internal celebration because these are sometimes used in everyday life.
*Use old jokes and idioms that have been worn out. Triteness is unimaginative.
Discriminating statements! T-shirt slogans that belittle or humiliate groups of people do not make you popular.
*Mistakes are embarrassing. This applies to spelling mistakes as well as to incorrect information or English terms that actually have a different meaning.
*Sexist statements. Forget the motto “sex sells” and avoid salacious sayings and motives in a professional environment.
*If a slogan has no direct reference to the company or the service offered, it is not the right slogan.
Ambiguous slogans and all too flippant things have no place on a company shirt. After all, you promote your brand!

For a successful appearance: recognition thanks to uniform T-shirts
You want a company shirt that you and your employees always wear at work? As a slogan, your slogan is obvious here – if you have one. Simply place your logo and company slogan in a prominent position on the shirt and your work clothes are ready. In this way you ensure a uniform appearance for your employees and increase the recognition value for your brand.

If you don’t (yet) have a slogan, you first have to think of a slogan. Important: You should invest sufficient time and ideas in this phase of finding the right slogan. This slogan should still arouse enthusiasm in a few months and can possibly be adopted as a company slogan.

Did you know? On the internet you can find some slogan generators like Slogan Generator. The principle is the same on all pages: You enter a keyword and the generator spits out one or more suggestions. However, not all of it is uselful. So do not blindly rely on the online generators. Use them rather for inspiration, because the word combinations can at least inspire your creativity.




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