You never stop learning – this saying is as old as it is true. Training, courses, workshops and more are booming. Every company wants its employees to be up-to-date and up to date. That’s why a lot of money is invested in seminars and training courses. Much to the advantage of the many educational institutions. Advertising is nevertheless important. But how can promotional gifts be ideally used for seminars and training courses?

At trade fairs – ballpoint pens, pencils & sticky notes as giveaways
Those who present their offers at trade fairs should not appear there without suitable and useful promotional gifts.

A ballpoint pen printed with logo and contact details fits in every pocket and can be handed over wonderfully together with flyers and further information material. A nice alternative to these classics is high-quality pencils. Abstract offers can be better sold if notes and pencils are taken and the services “recorded”. Sticky notes are very suitable for this purpose. The useful stickers can thus not only be used by the company’s own employees but can also be given directly to interested parties as promotional items.

In the personnel office – the personal conversation counts!
Many seminars and training courses are arranged by the employer himself and are often regular events, e.g. for trainees. It is therefore very important for training providers to have a good connection to the personnel office. Catalogues, brochures and more are best delivered personally by the contact persons. This usually provides the opportunity for a brief discussion in which the current needs and satisfaction with previous measures can be determined without obligation. If you want to be on the safe side and don’t just want to “barge in”, make an appointment.

In the event itself – highlighters, snacks & dextrose as small gifts
The participants of a seminar or training should already find some suitable promotional items at their place. Highlighters with logo printing are ideal when working with scripts or printed documents. This allows participants to easily mark important passages and terms. A similar function is fulfilled by adhesive markers. Snacks such as peanuts or small pretzels are just the thing for the grey cells to work optimally. The small sachets can be decorated perfectly with the company logo and pretty motifs. So you can create little eye-catchers that taste delicious and give a good feeling (especially in the stomach) at the same time. Dextrose is a classic advertising candy: it provides a quick boost of energy in the morning or afternoon.

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