Beware of cheap, cheap promotional items in sales talks

As a salesperson, you know it: conducting sales talks means thinking in phases. However, your commitment and concentration should not be limited to the beginning and the middle part. Rather, every phase of the sales talk demands your attention – including the end after the deal has been successfully concluded. Leaning back and relaxing now would be fatal. Because many salesmen undermine straight now a striking error: The customer the wrong advertising novelty as promotional gifts is presented.

The couple had just signed the contract to buy the house when the salesman got up for a moment and disappeared in the next office to return with three promotional items: A ballpoint pen as a promotional gift and two notepads. The woman looked irritated at the promotional items and finally said: “Is the ballpoint pen for my husband or for me? Tarnishing red and mumbling an apology, the salesman hurried away to return with a second ballpoint pen. As the married couple saw this, it laughed only briefly on and rejected the branded items with the words: “We don’t want to create a bottleneck”.

Unfortunately, this is not a fictional story. I’m afraid so. Although the seller has concluded the deal, he will not be able to expect a customer recommendation from this couple. Rather, he should hope that this mistake will not lead to negative word of mouth or make the rounds as a “running gag” in the circle of friends. And all because cheap, inexpensive promotional items were presented as promotional gifts.

Promotional items in sales talks: 2 tricks on how to score points with promotional gifts
Trick 1: Create criteria
As a sales manager and/or managing director, you should create criteria that regulate the delivery of promotional items in the sales talk. The salesman should clarify already with the preparation of its sales talk, which advertising novelty it wants to present – and ask itself:

Is this a new customer or a regular customer?
In which customer category does this customer fall: A, B or C?
What turnover and profit does this customer generate?
What sales and profits will this customer generate in the future?
Which promotional item is therefore appropriate for the transaction?

Trick 2: The higher the deal, the higher the quality and the more exclusive the promotional gifts.
In order to avoid damage to your image, the promotional items should be specifically selected. For this, however, the seller needs an appropriate selection, which is provided by the management. The motto here is: the height of the deal should be reflected in the presentation of a high-quality promotional item.

The advertising novelty does not have to be even large, but only qualitatively harmoniously. The real estate seller would have preferred to present the couple with two noble leather key cases instead of the ballpoint pen and the notepads. So make sure that your promotional items match both your company and the sales transaction.

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