For thousands of years, felt has been used to make garments and carpets, as it provides excellent insulation against heat and cold. That felt has established itself in fashion, jewellery and home accessories is no longer a secret. Felt has long since taken its place in everyday life and is now setting out to do the same as an advertising medium. Felt is not only environmentally friendly, but also robust and incredibly versatile. In addition, felt is extremely elastic and permeable to air and at the same time hard-wearing and light.

Felt promotional items can be used in many ways
Felt is a high-quality material, which convinces above all by its haptics. Felt promotional items not only convey a very special appreciation to customers, they are also inexpensive. The positive image of felt makes this material an ideal material for a wide variety of advertising materials.

This makes shoulder bags not only suitable as a practical companion in everyday life, but also for transporting documents at trade fairs. All keys can be stored in key cases and at the same time they can be used to store change and cash cards.

Sticky note books are a useful aid in everyday office life for taking notes of appointments. And who doesn’t know how annoying it is when your phone is scratched by coins, keys and other objects in your pocket. With a mobile phone pocket made of felt, this can be avoided in a stylish way.

Also useful helpers in everyday life:

– tote bags

– ticklers

– Bottle bags and

– lanyards

Due to the production of articles made of felt in a wide variety of variations, the material is popular with very different target groups. Because regardless of the design, felt always appears warm and friendly and radiates a special form of security.

Felt therefore offers numerous functional and design possibilities for different areas of application.

That’s why companies should use felt promotional items
Felt is also easy to care for because it is water and dirt repellent, giving promotional items made of felt a high practical value that impresses with its durability. With a slogan or logo, felt advertising media can thus become optically sophisticated advertising media that will be used by customers for many years.

The message that companies want to convey with their advertising articles made of felt thus remains present for a long time.

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