No modern startup can do without advertising. The right marketing strategy paves the way to awareness and economic success. Advertising novelties are a popular and economical entrance into the completely personal marketing plan. However, it depends on the selection of a good feeling for the respective target group.

If you want to establish your startup on the market in the long term, you can’t avoid some central preliminary work. This includes the analysis of the market and target groups and the development of an optimally coordinated marketing mix. But advertising is expensive. Especially for start-ups in the initial phase, it can be difficult to provide an advertising budget that can exploit all marketing instruments. Above all advertising in radio and television is connected with high costs and thus in the starting phase often simply not realizable.

However, the high costs that some marketing strategies entail are no reason for young entrepreneurs to do without advertising. It can even turn out to be a big mistake not to actively promote your own business idea on the market. In the first few months, even a limited budget can achieve a lot. Advertising novelties are an economical alternative and bring along nevertheless a large success potential.

Advertising novelty as a customer magnet
They may look inconspicuous, but they can prove to be a real magnet for potential customers: We are talking about promotional items, the so-called give-aways. Advertising through give-aways is as old as the marketing idea itself and has always been very successful.

The promotional items used for the survey included typical give-aways such as

  • office supplies
  • tools
  • Textiles, especially clothing
  • Household objects and small aids that can be used in the household
  • Food (especially sweets)

The sustainability of promotional items was also confirmed by the current study. About half of the giveaways received were kept and used in the household for more than 12 months. About a quarter was even two years and longer in use. The memory value of advertising novelties is thereby enormously high and stands opposite relatively small costs.

Especially for start-ups with a tight advertising budget, promotional items are the perfect introduction to their own marketing campaign. When it comes to choosing the right products, however, entrepreneurs should be sensitive to their target groups and have a high level of market knowledge.

Selecting promotional items according to requirements
Promotional items convince by a high memory value and manageable costs. The cost-benefit factor can be optimised by a targeted selection and a combination of products oriented to target groups and their needs.

But how do promotional items have to be designed so that they do not disappear in the large conglomeration of giveaways but actually unfold a lasting memory value with the customer?

The most important characteristics of a promotional item:

  • useful, functional and of high quality,
  • easy to handle,
  • original and unique,
  • Relevant to the target group
  • establish the connection to the company – also through the corporate design.

This has already given entrepreneurs the most important criteria for putting together the right promotional items for their marketing strategy. However, this still does not make it a simple undertaking. It applies to weigh numerous possibilities and to include aspects into the selection. These factors should find with the selection and composition of advertising novelties consideration:

1. The topicality of advertising novelties
It seems quite logical: Up-to-dateness makes promotional items interesting and useful and at the same time shows that the company keeps up with the times and constantly strives to attract new customers. And indeed, promotional items that are oriented towards modern trends show a high success rate. Originality and innovation have always been a real magnet, especially for young people.

However, promotional items with a trend factor are not only advantageous. Such products can release a true Hype or follow one already developed. The success is however in most cases only of short duration. Current advertising media are by no means as long-lived as tried and tested ones and this is exactly where the risk lies of swimming along on the wave of trends. Particularly innovative products are usually an only short time of interest and are used after the ebbing away of the first euphoria rarely further.

Who would not like to do without nevertheless current advertising novelties, should weigh the employment exactly and set on small numbers of items for selected clients. Thus it is possible to profit from new trends in advertising without already achieving a negative cost-benefit balance after a short time.

2. Weigh mass products and exclusives carefully
When it comes to promotional items, the question always arises as to whether cheap mass-produced goods or expensive exclusive items are better received. There is no blanket answer to this question. Advertising experts know that several factors play a role here. However, all promotional items should have one thing in common: Functionality and quality must be right so that the customer does not get the impression of cheap junk goods.

Mass goods are ideal for large events or seasonal occasions, for example, to reach a large clientele at low cost. Ballpoint pens, lighters, torches or baseball caps are among the most popular promotional items that can be mass-produced and distributed. Due to their everyday use, such products often remain with the owner for a very long time and thus strengthen the connection to the company.

Exclusives are an excellent way to celebrate special occasions or promising business relationships. For example, companies should allow their promotional items to cost a little on holidays, anniversaries or other major occasions, but rather for a selected clientele. In this case, an expensive gift can convey appreciation and leave a positive impression in the long run.

3. Advertising novelty seasonally use
It has been confirmed many times in practice: Companies that use their promotional products on a seasonal basis often accompany their customers and those who are yet to become customers throughout the year. Marketing experts know that consumers’ purchasing decisions are also determined by situational factors such as the time of year. Companies should take advantage of this fact and give their giveaways a seasonal touch.

In spring, small sachets of plant seeds are a lot of fun. In summer, beach games or sun protection are guaranteed to be a big hit. In autumn an umbrella is a practical companion through everyday life and in winter baking utensils and recipes can awaken the anticipation of Christmas. The possibilities of seasonal advertising are as varied as they are promising. If the customer feels understood and picked up in his current life situation, a lasting positive connection is created.


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