How can advertising media help with personnel marketing?
A ballpoint pen printed with a logo will not prevent a dissatisfied employee from leaving your company. But with many trifles, however minor they may seem, the bond can be created and strengthened to counteract dissatisfaction and dismissal from the outset. Because if the working environment and the contact are basically right, these attentions can make the difference to an emotionally well-connected employee.

Perfectly equipped with advertising media for everyday work are the Conference Folders.

At the workplace: The block with advertising imprint, the ballpoint pens with logo, a conference folder in the company design and with name engraving: Those who are surrounded by promotional items of the company at their workplace develop a bond more easily. A well-equipped workplace also contributes to satisfaction.


In the field service: Especially employees in the field service with a lot of customer contact can be excellently equipped with promotional items: Trolleys are well suited for frequent flyers as well as transport containers for samples. High-quality document bags and laptop bags are standard equipment. Be sure to pay attention to good quality! Nothing is more embarrassing than when the employee puts the bag after a while annoyed in the corner and buys himself one or even uses the promotional gift of another company.

In the kitchen: Not to forget the dishes in the coffee kitchen.  

Plates and cups can easily be printed with the logo. And that makes double sense: the tableware can also be used for visitors and makes a very good impression. This also increases the value of break time for employees and contributes to their loyalty to the company.

Give small and big pleasures with employee gifts
Everyone – including your employees – is happy about gifts. The year offers a whole range of opportunities to show the workforce: You are important to us!

Anniversary: It is becoming increasingly rare for employees to remain loyal to a company for decades. But it is often satisfied and emotionally well-connected employees who celebrate a 10-, 15- or even 20-year service anniversary. Don’t fail to appreciate that loyalty! Choose beautiful gift sets, preferably with a filling that meets the taste of the jubilarian – and show your appreciation in just a few words. Very popular are salmon presents and also noble brandies with matching glasses.
Personal occasions: The wedding and birth of a child are the most important events in the lives of your employees. Deliver your congratulations along with a beautiful gift. An outfit for newborn babies printed with a company logo is, for example, a nice idea for new parents.

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