Promotional items made of cork, wood and other sustainable materials will continue to be particularly popular in spring 2019. Because advertising with environmentally friendly and ecological articles is becoming more and more important. Although plastic is of course still one of the most important materials for many products worldwide, in the new year it is more than ever worth taking a look at biodegradable alternatives!

Plastic and Co. – what are the alternatives?
In 2019, sustainability now means much more than just storing purchases from the supermarket in fabric bags or paper bags, bags or backpacks or enjoying coffee in an environmentally friendly to go cup. We are not the only ones who want to live as resource-conserving as possible and keep our ecological footprint as small as possible. Companies are also taking the issue of sustainability more seriously than ever before.

A rethinking process has been underway in the handling of plastics for several years now. In 2019, this will now take the form of regulations and laws that will have a strong influence on consumers and everyday business life. Thus the keyword sustainability for companies in 2019 has changed from freestyle to duty. For example, the handling of packaging material for companies has been newly regulated and consumers will soon have to do without a wide variety of disposable plastic articles such as disposable straws in favour of the environment through an EU-wide ban.

This influence can also be felt in the advertising industry. In 2019, a wide range of new materials will continue to be used here as an environmentally friendly addition to promotional items made of classic plastic.

New sustainable trend materials 2019
1. Cork: with a particularly sustainable feel and appearance
2. Bio-plastic: innovative plastic. Biodegradable and made from naturally renewable raw materials.
3. Bamboo fibre and wood
4. recycled paper/cardboard

From everyday objects to promotional items made of cork
Among other things, cork is extracted from the bark of the cork oak and has been used as a raw material for centuries. One of the world’s largest cork producers is based in Portugal, where the cork is mainly used to make corks for wine bottles. In Asia, the bark of the Amur cork tree is mainly used for the production of cork and imported to Europe. In the economy, cork finds numerous applications due to its special material properties. For everyone in everyday life, cork is visible as flooring, as a pinboard in the office, school or club. All Voran one finds cork as a closure for wine bottles.

Ecological advertising effect guaranteed!
The use of cork as a material for promotional items is relatively new. Here cork makes for a special:

  • intensive haptic experience due to the surface structure
  • pleasant and warm surface
  • Due to its naturalness, the raw material cork conveys a particularly ecological image!

High-quality branded – promotional items made of cork with pad printing!
Tampon printing is particularly suitable for printing promotional items made of cork. Here the particularly flexible pad transfers the printing ink even into the smallest grooves of the material and ensures a particularly opaque and luminous colour power. Due to its lively and absorbent surface texture, cork is particularly suitable for large, flat advertising prints. For logos with delicate lines or even small fonts, we recommend our sustainable promotional items made of bio-plastic or wood. Our advertising printing experts will be happy to advise you!


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