What’s involved?

Ordering over the internet with Image Logo is straightforward. Simply browse our products by looking though the product ranges or use the search function on the left.

Once you have found the product you’re looking for click on “Add to basket” and type in the quantity that you would like to order. The product will then be added to your shopping basket. From there you can either continue shopping and add more products to your basket, or you can click on “Checkout” to proceed with your order. You will then have to log in if you aren’t already, or register before continuing with your order.

After this you will be presented with a number of forms so that you can provide us with all the information necessary to process your order.


You must be registered before you can order with Image Logo. Registering has the benefit of remembering your details next time you order so you don’t have to retype them. Simply fill out your details in the form and click register. Remember to fill out all the fields that are marked.

Is it secure?

Image Logo takes every precaution to ensure that your data is as secure as possible. When you register, log in, place an order or do anything where sensitive data is being to sent over the internet, you should notice the yellow padlock symbol in the bottom right of your browser. This indicates that all data is being sent over an encrypted secure connection. On top of this all of your order information is encrypted in a secure database.

Confirming your delivery and invoice address

Once you have registered and/or logged in, you must confirm that your delivery and invoice address are correct. These will automatically be set to the address that you signed up with, however you can easily change them if you wish by following the on screen instructions when ordering.


There are a number of ways that you can provide your company logo or message that you want to put onto the product(s) that you’re ordering. On the artwork page when ordering you can:

  • Upload your artwork. Simply click on browse and find where you artwork is stored on your PC. The maximum file size you can upload is 5mb.
  • Email the artwork as an attachment. You can do this after you have finished placing your order. Remember to quote the order number provided so that we can tie the 2 up easily.
  • Have us call you if there’s something you’d like to discuss about your artwork. We’re always happy to help!
  • Post your artwork. You may only have a hard copy of your artwork. This is no problem, as we can scan in your hard copy as long as it is good enough quality.
  • Use the artwork from a previous sample/order. If you have ordered from us before, then we will have your logo on file so we can just use that.

Remember to let us know any additional information about your artwork in the space provided.

Will I see a proof?

Of course! We won’t do anything until you are happy with how your artwork looks and have signed a proof allowing us to go ahead with your order. We will send your proof by post or email.

Set up charge

Most products have some form of printing charge to cover printing costs and the prices will vary depending on the product and printing method used.

Re-drawing charges

If EPS artwork is required and cannot be provided we will redraw your artwork for you. Re-drawing charge is £30.


We accept payment by cheque, all major credit cards or you can order on 30 days net pending a credit check. We encourage immediate payment by cheque or credit card as it will help speed the processing of your order. You can provide your credit card information when ordering over our secure connection, or if you prefer we can call you for the card details.

Confirming your order

Once you have provided your payment details and preferences you can confirm your order details before clicking on “Place order”.

So what happens after I’ve placed the order?

Once you have placed the order Image Logo will verify that the order is correct. Due to the nature of customised products we have to check that the artwork is suitable and that we are able to use it with the product that you are ordering. In most cases there won’t be a problem but if we do have to amend your order we will let you know straight away and won’t go any further until you are happy with the amendments. Some amendments might be:

  • The artwork has to be redrawn before it can be used. This will incurr an extra redrawing fee. This will generally only be necessary for products that have varying prices depending on the number of colours being imprinted. See our artwork FAQ for more information about why this is sometimes necessary.
  • The wrong pricing selection has been chosen. When you order a product that has varying prices depending on the number of colours in your logo you have to select the number of colours when you order. We will look at your logo and make sure that you have select the right amount of colours and adjust the order accordingly.

What’s the lead time for orders?

Orders take between 3 to 4 weeks after proof approval. Larger orders can take a bit longer. Please allow 4-6 weeks nearer Christmas time to avoid disappointment.

I need my order ASAP

If you require an order inside 3 weeks then we can often get it to you in time. Please call our sales team on 0845 7589536 who will be happy to advise you further.