Colours work – for every corporate colour and every CI the right promotional items!

Colours are pure emotions. They appeal to something deep inside us that we cannot control: Associations and feelings that are stronger than facts and figures. Red, green, yellow, blue, pink, black – every colour has a specific message. Those who know how to use this message specifically for their company can communicate with their customers on an emotional level.

Cups and mugs are particularly suitable as colourful advertising media – especially if they have been effectively refined with a colourful advertising print or laser engraving. A message with depth: laser engraving adds colour to the cup

Cups and mugs are timeless advertising classics that everyone likes to receive as gifts. Use the power of the colours to underline your advertising message.

We recommend “colour laser treatment”. With it, your company logo appears on the cup Bafy in the colour of the interior walls. How can this be done?

The laser engraving removes the upper black colour layer of the cup and thus brings out the underlying colour of the cup: a strong green, pink, red, orange or yellow.

This finishing technique is something very special. It gives your advertising message depth in the truest sense of the word because the laser “sinks” your logo practically into the cup and can be felt. In addition to the feel, the high durability also speaks for laser engraving.

With a personal message: laser engraving with individual names
“Anna”, “Isabelle”, “Stefan” – name your customers by name and you are sure to attract attention! The cup Bafy can be provided with individual names. Thanks to laser engraving an individual name appears in the colour of the interior walls.

This gift is so personal that your customer will feel flattered, pleased and valued.

We are sure that this cup will not end up in the back of the kitchen cupboard, but will be proudly presented every day while drinking tea or coffee.

It gets colourful: These cups with advertising print are real eye-catchers.
The sustainable ECO mug made of bamboo, cereal starch and wood fibres is available in the colours coral, spring green, blue, beige and grey. Logos and advertising slogans can be applied to the rough surface by means of screen printing or advertising print and stick for a long time – even in the head of your customers.
As strong as a good coffee: the colours red, yellow, green or yellow are particularly strong in the Handy Pure coffee mug – but only on the inside. On the outside, the cup is simply white and matt, the perfect canvas for a (colour-matching) advertising print.
The elegant Specta cup makes a colourful statement and can be decoratively enhanced with an advertising print.
It can also be colourful all around: with a 4-colour advertising print, you can set coloured accents on the wide glass cup made of white, frosted glass or go the whole hog.
And what colour should it be for you? – A small colour encyclopedia
The right shade subconsciously awakens specific associations with your customers immediately. We show you which colour works on how.

Orange is a colour full of energy. It conveys youthfulness, verve and fun.

Yellow makes you happy. The colour stands for joy and spontaneity.

Red is pure energy and determination. But we also associate heat, excitement, forbidden things with this colour.

Green stands for nature, growth, renewal, harmony and stability.

Blue is the most popular colour in the world. It stands for peace, professionalism, trust and intelligence.

Violet is mystical, spiritual and luxurious.

Pink is feminine, gentle and shy, elegant and youthful.

Ideally, you should choose a cup colour that matches your corporate colours and thus underline your corporate identity. If you don’t find what you are looking for – with our Americano cup, for example – you can – thanks to Hydrocolor – even have your advertising cup coloured in any Pantone shade!





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