The Moleskine brand stands for legendary notebooks. Numerous artists and intellectuals such as Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso and Ernest Hemingway have already recorded their thoughts and sketches in such black notebooks. With the “Moleskine Smart Writing Set”, Moleskine is now setting a real milestone in the history of notebooks and writing sets: With the new notebook, texts and drawings can be easily digitized, edited, organized and shared. Perfect for creative people, frequent writers and great thinkers!

The “Moleskine Smart Writing Set” consists of a “Paper Tablet N°1” – a notebook with dotted special paper – and a “Pen+ Smartpen”. With the “Pen+” pen you write directly on the paper. The clever pen recognizes every stroke of the pen and transfers your handwritten notes from the sheet to the screen.

The Moleskine Notes app effortlessly synchronizes every recording and every recording with the tablet or mobile phone – in real-time or later, thanks to a large memory.

The Moleskine Smart Writing Set makes it easy to organize your notes:
Digitize notes, drawings, appointments
Create digital “notebooks
Move or delete pages
Format, mark or delete individual words
Adapt page layouts, sizes, formats
Share content via Evernote, email or social media
If you are looking for a special gift or special equipment for your employees, for example for a special birthday, an anniversary or simply as a thank-you for extraordinary achievements, we recommend the “Moleskine Smart Writing Set”. It shows that you trust the recipient to come up with great ideas.

Writing in a Moleskine creates something of value. But at least you join the ranks of the great thinkers of the last two centuries. The “Moleskine Smart Writing Set” is also the perfect symbiosis of tradition and technology: you don’t have to do without the pleasant analogue writing on paper, and you can still retrieve and process all your notes on your computer. Especially for advertising agencies, architecture offices or IT companies – employees who appear at the customer appointment with such an innovative article attract all attention!

We are happy to design the “Moleskine Smart Writing Set” with high-quality branding. Please contact us to find out what possibilities we can offer you.

Included in the scope of delivery: Paper Tablet N°1, Pen+ Smartpen, USB cable. The Moleskine Notes app is available free of charge in the App Store℠, at Google Play™ and in the Microsoft Store.

Or can it be one size smaller? Our beautiful writing sets with ballpoint pens, pencils and roller pens also look good and are an elegant carrier of your advertising message – as a giveaway or as a personal gift.




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