In the digital age, online marketing seems to be the only way for many companies to reach customers and attract their attention. Other marketing channels seem superfluous at first because the reach offered by the World Wide Web is incomparably large. Advertisements can be placed for specific target groups and small reminders of the last shop visit can be sent by e-mail to numerous customers. Why do more companies still rely on promotional items? What do they have that online advertising & CO. do not have?

For half a century, promotional items have been a popular marketing tool. They have proven themselves and apparently survived the hype about other advertising media. Because now studies show that 47% of enterprises use advertising novelties. At first, this does not appear to be a top value, but in a media comparison lanyards, bags and ballpoint pens are brilliant. Mass media, such as radio or television, have to admit defeat with values in the single digits. Even online advertising is only used by 31% of companies.

Why do companies use promotional items as a marketing tool?
The reasons for the use are versatile:

Promotional items are used regularly because of their utility value and thus have a very lasting advertising effect: 78% of the products given away are remembered by the addressees of the name of the advertising company.

In addition, companies indicated that the use of promotional items has a positive effect on the company image and noticeably increases the level of awareness.

Unlike other advertising methods, customers pay attention to promotional items. Due to its haptic character, the advertising experience in such situations is completely different.

Another plus point in favour of promotional items is their adaptability to the company, the industry or the products. Thus there are ideally adapted promotional items for the most different enterprises: Travel agencies give away USB sticks with an aeroplane look, doctors’ surgeries individualize plasters and restaurants use napkins with logo printing.


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