Online marketing consists of a large extent of numbers.

What role can the human factor play? Can you increase traffic with small giveaways? How can you possibly increase conversions with classical instruments?

Below are some examples and suggestions on how giveaways can support an online marketing strategy.

Without traffic, nothing goes on
Every online project is first and foremost about traffic. Generating traffic is the primary goal of any online marketing.

The possibilities are manifold. About SEO, SEM & Co. you can find many fantastic sources on the net.

But how can small giveaways increase traffic?

Giveaways can be a good option for link bait promotions. The gift as an incentive for a link. This is not about buying links, bribes or the like. The legal limits for the deductibility of promotional items are precisely regulated. It is important that the value and originality correspond to the “have-will factor” of the target group.

Examples of promotional gifts in Linkbait action:

  • A coffee mug in which the motif only becomes visible when filled hot. Here one can tell wonderful stories with two states. These coffee cups are always an eye-catcher.
  • A really personal giveaway for the link provider is personalised advertising gifts. The USB stick with your own blog address or a calendar with any “desired name”.
  • One idea where topic relevance is automatically generated is tested products. There are many bloggers who like to test products, write an article about them and link to them. As a reward, the tested products may be kept.
  • With raffles in which e.g. mobile phone bags are raffled, some “fans” can be won (more fans, more signals from social networks, more visibility).

Recently, much has been said about future parameters of search engine algorithms. The importance of being well linked in a topic-relevant (also social) network comes up again and again. For sustainable online marketing, it is therefore essential to identify the best link sources and to design a strategy for acquisition and retention.

There are always people behind these link sources. Therefore, as in “real” life, one can also make use of the customs of our culture here. Small promotional gifts receive the friendship as has been proven.

But what can this look like in practice? We recommend a range of different, creative giveaways in different qualities. An Excel list is always helpful.

Now identified persons are divided into importance for the success of the strategy. For each group, a plan is now created for when and in what period different contacts (e.g. emails, personalized direct mails with giveaways, networking appointments, etc.) are sent out.

So if you have built up a broad network of contacts over a longer period of time, many online tasks become easier.

Existing customers are cheaper than new customers
If visitors are now on the site or in the shop and have been persuaded to buy by a fantastic online experience, it is important to ensure that this is not a one-time experience.

Depending on the industry, the costs for acquiring new customers vary considerably – they all have one thing in common: it is much more expensive to acquire new customers than to continue doing business with existing customers. A major focus should, therefore, be placed on the after-sales strategy. Of course, newsletters are the number one instrument here, but the more individual and creative the address, the more loyalty can be expected.

Whether small giveaways or high-quality advertising materials are specifically transported to the customer’s environment naturally depends on the customer lifetime value. In principle, it doesn’t matter which promotional item you choose, it only has to meet a few requirements to be able to exert its advertising power:

The giveaway should definitely be integrated into a story. There must be a reference to the statement that is to be made. Example: “You certainly have the best online retailer for XYZ…”->Safety Vest
The advertising material should meet certain quality requirements, otherwise, the well-intentioned shot can backfire.
Depending on the intention, the lifetime of the giveaway should be considered. A creative coffee mug lives longer than a bag of fruit jelly bears.
The environment in which the promotional item is used plays an important role in whether it is actually used. To visualize the average workplace once is certainly not harmful.

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