Appealing packaging design enjoys great popularity on all sides. Products that are of high quality and packaged in a chic design attract attention. Packaging whets the appetite for more and stirs up the joy of the contents. Also high-quality promotional items or gifts for special occasions leave a special impression in chic gift boxes.

When giving a gift, the first thing that matters is of course the gift itself. Think about what your recipients like and what suits them best – even customers or business partners. After all, with this gesture you want to make your counterpart happy, for example for a birthday or Christmas. However, gifts are not only given on special occasions. Even as a thank you for a joint project, a favour or just for something, small and large gifts are always well received.

Small gifts preserve friendship – also in marketing
Gifts trigger emotions and awaken positive feelings in people. You can also use this for your next marketing campaign: Distribute small promotional gifts to customers and interested parties at trade fairs and events and remain positive in their memories. Score points when sending mailings with an additional gift – ideally with packaging in your corporate design. This will be well received and provide lasting support for your campaign. Because giving is fun. Also possible: Use printed gift boxes and packaging as part of a consistent corporate design and thus complement your business stationery. This can have a positive effect on the perception of your brand, both internally and externally.


Gift boxes: 
No matter what you give as a gift and for what occasion: Don’t forget that first impressions count. This also applies to gifts. Of course, the actual gift itself is also important. However, if it is attractively packaged, in a noble box, gift box or wrapped in beautiful gift wrapping paper, you can score extra points with the recipient because a beautiful gift box can be delightful. Not only your recipients can benefit from your individual packaging. Have chic gift boxes printed with your logo – so the sender is recognizable at first sight and will be remembered. Packaging also protects the contents from scratches or dirt.

High-quality packaging as additional appreciation
In addition to the value of the contents, high quality packaging often reflects the appreciation of the counterpart. The joy of unpacking and the anticipation of the contents increase – independent of the gift itself – if it is packed especially lovingly or with high quality. The trick with packaging design works for both gifts and product marketing.

Take an iPhone, for example, which in itself is a desirable product. The elegance and simple design can also be found in the small, high-quality packaging. In general, attractively designed packaging and articles – whether food, beauty or technology – can perfectly round off a positive product and shopping experience. After all, packaging plays an important role in giving and distributing gifts and can add value.

Give a professional gift – with our free templates for gift boxes
Are you looking for chic gift boxes and packaging in individual design? Then have your personal gift boxes printed. For example:

Pillow boxes
bottle packaging
folding boxes
Inverting boxes
Gift wrapping paper

In the end, it doesn’t matter how you wrap your gifts. If you do, you will definitely stand out positively. Use our free templates or let them inspire your own designs. You can either integrate your logo into the design or add it separately in the form of a stamp, sticker or decals.




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