Tech-Trends 2018 and 2019: Hip promotional gifts with LED, Plasma & Bluetooth

These promotional gifts move with the times: LED, plasma, Bluetooth and induction are the magic words when it comes to attracting attention with your promotional items. The trendy giveaways are innovative, cool and of great benefit to the customer. We present the technology trends 2018 and 2019.

Tech-Trend arc lighters: an innovative promotional item that releases undreamt-of energy
Plasma is very conspicuous in nature: as a flash, in the northern lights of the Arctic and during a solar eclipse as a ring around the sun. And now also like the latest tech trend in the field of promotional items: as a trend-setting and optically appealing plasma lighter.

With a plasma lighter as a promotional gift you set progressive impulses. The lighters generate a fascinating arc of pure plasma instead of a flame. This is not only beautiful to look at, but also physically interesting. Because (had Sie´s known?) Plasma is – besides solid, liquid and gaseous – the fourth state of matter. In plasma lighters, voltage is generated between two oppositely charged electrodes, the air particles become ionized and electrically conductive: a plasma arc is created.

These tech lighters don’t run on gas or gasoline. The battery lasts for about 80 ignitions and can be recharged via USB. This is clean, sustainable and modern. By the way, the electric arc also withstands strong wind. This makes plasma lighters particularly attractive for outdoor applications. Lighting the candle and grill is child’s play at any time.

Slim and elegant is the plasma lighter Metmaxx BBQ lighter Future Elegance Fire. The dark metal housing is perfectly suited for a noble laser engraving with the name of your company.

On the metal body of the arc lighter Metmaxx BBQ lighter FutureTech Fire, your advertising message will be accentuated with a laser engraving.

Tech-Trend LED: Headband and knitted cap with LED light
Light-emitting diodes (LEDs for short) are the future of lighting. There’s almost nothing you can’t do with them: They are economical, flexible, robust and can be perfectly integrated into practical promotional gifts. A shining example of this are headbands with LED light and knitted caps with LED light.

With these innovative LED advertising gifts, you bring light into the darkness. Joggers, cyclists, pedestrians and walkers are happy about this, especially in the dark season. The practical LED light is dimmable and lights up to 4 hours. It can then be recharged via a USB port. The cap or the headband can, therefore, be worn again and again. Your advertising message is therefore always present in the cityscape. Individualize these promotional items with an embroidery that shows the name of your company.

Tech-Trend Bluetooth: Wireless happy
This tech trend just doesn’t go out of style. Bluetooth articles are and will remain a popular promotional gift. Of course, who likes to handle cables that just twist, knot or even disappear? With Bluetooth, the recipient is happy wirelessly. And is happy about this little everyday tech luxury. The Bluetooth advertising gifts from HACH such as Bluetooth loudspeakers, Bluetooth in-ear headphones and Bluetooth mood lights with integrated loudspeakers are rightly a long seller.

Tech-Trend Induction: Charging as if by magic
With this promotional item trend, you make the life of your customers easier: The induction charger charges the smartphone without cable connection – by simply placing it on the wireless charger. For Samsung smartphones from the S6 and Apple devices from the iPhone8.

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“Moleskine Smart Writing Set” – The writing set innovation!

The Moleskine brand stands for legendary notebooks. Numerous artists and intellectuals such as Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso and Ernest Hemingway have already captured their thoughts and sketches in such black folders. With the “Moleskine Smart Writing Set”, Moleskine is now setting a real milestone in the history of notebooks and writing sets: With the new notebook, texts and drawings can be easily digitized, edited, organized and shared. Perfect for creative people, frequent writers and great thinkers!

The Moleskine Smart Writing Set makes it easy to organize your notes:
Digitize notes, drawings, appointments
Create digital “notebooks
Move or delete pages
Format, mark or delete individual words
Adapt page layouts, sizes, formats
Share content via Evernote, email or social media
If you are looking for a special gift or special equipment for your employees, for example for a special birthday, an anniversary or simply as a thank-you for extraordinary achievements, we recommend the “Moleskine Smart Writing Set”. It shows that you trust the recipient to have great ideas.

Whoever writes in a Moleskine creates something of value. But at least it joins the ranks of the great thinkers of the last two centuries. The “Moleskine Smart Writing Set” is also the perfect symbiosis of tradition and technology: You don’t have to do without the pleasant analogue writing on paper, but you can still retrieve and process all your notes on your computer. Especially for advertising agencies, architecture offices or IT companies – employees who appear at the customer appointment with such an innovative article attract all attention!

We are happy to design the “Moleskine Smart Writing Set” with high-quality branding. Please let us know which possibilities we can offer you.

Included in delivery: Paper Tablet N°1, Pen+ Smartpen, USB cable. The Moleskine Notes app is available free of charge in the App Store℠, at Google Play™ and in the Microsoft Store.

Or can it be one size smaller? Our beautiful writing sets with ballpoint pens, pencils and roller pens also look good and are an elegant carrier of your advertising message – as a giveaway or as a personal gift.

We present 5 more special models:
Portfolio Highness with Powerbank 5,000 mah: The “smart” document pouch in DIN A4 format with built-in Powerbank is a real innovation among writing sets. Inside you will find a large pocket for staplers and documents, a small pocket for a smartphone, and a display that can be brought into various positions with Velcro – ideal for presentations with a mobile phone or tablet. Including writing pad (DIN A4).

This design darling from Senator sets particularly noble advertising accents: High-quality writing instrument series from the German quality brand. All writers impress with their crystal-clear lines, elegant colours and selected materials. With a single name, they are an exceptional gift for any recipient.

Ballpoint pen, laser pointer and LED lamp in one – this writing instrument can be triple useful. The quality lead writes black and glides well over the paper. An elegant gift box in wood look presents the gift perfectly.

These elegant writing utensils are just the right gift for discerning business partners and customers: fountain pens, ballpoint pens and letter openers find a perfectly shaped place to stay in the small box made of exquisite rosewood with glass lid.

This writing case made of the non-woven material is the perfect carrier for your advertising message. It contains a ruler, pencil sharpener, eraser, pencil, ballpoint pen and a notepad made of recycled paper.

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The ultimate hit list of the most extraordinary Advent calendars!

The time of giving is just around the corner – but many gift ideas are as old as Santa’s beard is long. Inspiration has arrived! We show you some unusual, but very useful advent calendars. The daily opening creates a surprise and often great joy.

Advent calendar: beautiful, funny, healthy, useful – but can be definitely different!
Our Advent Calendars put your company out of the general Christmas theme and into the limelight – for employees, customers or business partners. You will stand out from the crowd, give the recipients a positive impulse for 24 days and set yourself apart from your competitors.

Too much candy in Advent? Then create excitement with a thriller Advent calendar. Every day a book page is opened and on Christmas Eve the story is complete.

Too much stress in the pre-Christmas period? The Good Mood Advent Calendar provides a remedy with cheering up quotes, exquisite chocolate, relaxing bath additives or funny magnets.

Power for winter! How about an Advent calendar that provides lasting energy? First, the daily energy boost comes in the form of chocolate bars. On the 24th the scoop is made: Behind the last door, there is a power bench hidden.

Sunday Roast? The Advent calendar with 24 new recipes brings versatility and enjoyment to the kitchen – and remains highly relevant beyond Christmas.

Alcohol advent? A high-quality liqueur bottle, on which a yardstick of 24 small units on the glass is read, provides great pleasure.
The gift-giver with his or her brand will be a lovely treat.

And something in the direction of the male world: the craftsman Advent calendar. A promotional gift that scores with its practical use – after all, tools do not have an expiration date.

Advent for health! It is because generally advent calendars are associated to chocolate that one legitimate question arises: What can we eat that is healthy that won’t pile on a few pounds over the festive period? Advent calendar with healthy snacks: nuts, dried fruits and crackers provide healthy energy through vitamins, minerals and fibre. Perfect to stay in balance and still snack daily.

We hope we have given you some ideas that prove advent doesn’t always have to include chocolate and can be used in other positive ways to promote your business. All you have to do now is choose one of the unusual ideas from our hit list.
Or for more information please contact us straight away.

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Top trend to the celebration: with gifts filled Jute bag!

Who would like to give away a particular individual advertising gift, and become absolutely creative? A bulging Goodie Bag is ideal for this. The ideal canvas for your original ideas is fabric and jute bags that are practical, durable and large enough to fill until your heart’s content. This quickly turns it into a goodie bag with a guarantee of a long-lasting advertising effect through high-quality finishing.

What makes jute the ideal fabric?
Jute bags are particularly suitable as giveaways, as they are very popular, robust and extremely sustainable.

Jute is a natural fibre and environmentally friendly. You can make good use of this positive image for your company. Since jute bags are often reused, they are a good advertising medium. Jute bags can be printed wonderfully. Finish your jute bags with a professional special screen printing so that your logo or image is visible for a long time. Of course, we also have many other bag models that are well suited as goodie bags.

What makes a good goodie bag
A well-filled goodie bag are very well received by the recipient. Load your bags with useful, practical and eye catching goodies and giveaways. Think about what suits you and what your customers might like. It’s best to choose a theme that connects the individual promotional gifts – then everything looks like one piece. Also, gift bags made of paper or cotton bags with Christmas motives are classics among the bags for the celebration! Put your trust in Image Logo UK as an experienced gift specialist.

We know exactly what is well received by our customers and introduce you to our Top 5 themed bags. Please let us inspire you!

The Image Logo UK Top-5 themed bags:
1.The noble bag:
Everyone would like one. Load a bag with a set of chocolate and wine.

Tea drinkers get their money’s worth: The tea world trip contains 10 precious teas from faraway countries, attractively packed in a box and lovingly explained in the enclosed flyer. This golden power bank with a powerful 5200mah not only looks like a gold bar but is also worth its weight in gold when the battery of your smartphone or tablet is empty.

2. The wine bag:
This is a modification of the noble bag, which is particularly suitable for wine and Prosecco.

The bottle cap Crystal with facet cut closes the noble drop safely. A classic sommelier set consisting of a waiter’s knife, thermometer, bottle cap and drip ring also fits perfectly into a wine bag. These bottle holders in a classic car, bike or aeroplane form are at the same time unusual design objects.

3. The sweet bag for Christmas:
The original Dresden Christmas Stollen belongs to the Christmas season – and in every sweet Goodie Bag. Also incredibly delicious: refined chocolate spoons with Christmas motifs, a mini gingerbread house and “Glühwein to go”.

4.The stylish bag:
This bag is for aesthetes. Everything that is beautiful and makes you beautiful fits in well here: cosmetic products such as this beautifully packaged cracker with three handmade bath balls made from purely natural ingredients, a cosmetic bag with concealer, rouge, lip balm, practical hand soap paper sheets and eye mask, a handbag-sized brush, the beautiful Enjoy Relax Set with incense sticks and candles.the 5.The relaxed sporty bag:
This bag inspires everyone who is interested in sport, relaxation and a healthy nutrition. Choose from practical goodies like a shaker drink bottle for protein shakes and mixed drinks or a drink bottle like the “Flip Top”, anti-stress balls and massage hedgehogs, cooling pads for small wounds, a headband with LED light for joggers and hikers or a step and calorie counter.

A super light functional shirt with UV protection also fits wonderfully into a sporty goodie bag. Also well suited: Small samples for health-conscious people like cookies and a fruit muesli cup, which you can have individually printed.

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These advertising novelties lower now the stress level: Image Logo – Hit list for relaxed gift giving

After the beautiful holiday season it’s quite difficult to get back into the swing of everyday life. Who wouldn’t be happy about a little something that helps you relax back into it? Now is the perfect moment to meet with positive resonance with a suitable advertising novelty.

We present the best promotional items against stress!

All stress related products can be provided with your branding.

Anti-Stress Balls
Let’s start with a classic: Soft anti-stress rubber balls can be kneaded wonderfully and have a calming effect on the nervous system with a hand massage. Useful side effect: the hand muscles are trained and continuously strengthened. A promotional stress gift thrown at a wall ( or even at each other ) causes great humour in the office.

Anti-stress balls are available in different designs, for example as:

  • Light bulb;
  • Seasonal articles in the form of Christmas or snowmen;
  • funny emotion balls.

spinning top
The spinning top is actually the predecessor of the hand spinner. It is turned on a smooth surface and then released. From then on, the eyes follow the rotation of the relaxation toy until it spins out. Concentration is sharpened, the mind is focused and after a short spinning, joy and calmness spread throughout the body. Small tops with your own logo are easy to send and decorate every workplace.

Mini patience or dexterity games
With these promotional items, which are available as a set, you arouse the ambition of your business partners and directly set a starting point for the next telephone call or meeting: “Did you make it?”, “What was the trickiest game?”, “The children managed it right away?

Skill games and patience games occupy the recipient lastingly, bring relaxation through concentration and as promotional items are a guarantee for involvement with your brand.

Jo-Jos remain a fascination. Remember how you fought as a kid to get the yo-yo back up there? How many times did you wind the string? And then finally it worked. When you see a yo-yo, you can’t help but start playing with it. Let’s see if it still works. And there it is, the calming effect. Yo-Yos has been around for hundreds of years – in the 18th century yo-yo was played up to the highest social classes – but at that time it was still called “small roller wheel”.

finger spinner
Last but not least, we would like to remind you of a small device that has caused a sensation in recent years and caused delivery bottlenecks in many places: the finger spinner or hand spinner. They are coveted collector’s items for children and soothing bag and desk accessories for adults. If you haven’t experienced it yourself, you can’t believe it. Push, turn and enjoy the relaxing effects of the vibrations.

Whichever promotional item you choose from our hit list, the stress level of the recipients will decrease, the positive image transfer to your brand will succeed AND: You have made a person happy again!

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