Electronic promotional products – Not only for technical nerds!

The year is 2018 and the promotional products industry is in a state of upheaval. Electronic advertising novelties are on the advance and push ever more into the foreground. Competition for new customers and business partners has long since shifted. Even if timeless classics such as calendars and pens are vehemently fighting against the loss of their status, companies must be aware that ours, as well as future generations, have an extremely high affinity for technology and whose attention can largely be won through technical gadgets.

Electronic promotional products 3.0 – The future has long since begun
Technical promotional items are not only up-to-date, but also useful. At a time when more and more is taking place online and accessibility is one of the highest assets, a power bank is an absolute must-have for all those who are always on the move. The latest generation of smartphones can even be charged via an induction charger.

Gone are not only the days of the classic charging cable, but also of sending complex documents. There is surely no one who does not have a USB stick on which important documents can be transported safely from A to B anymore.

But nowadays, the smartphone is no longer only used for telephoning, sending messages or retrieving news from all over the world. Thanks to various streaming providers, you can also enjoy your favourite music anywhere. For private events, the smartphone is often paired with a Bluetooth loudspeaker to create an exuberant atmosphere.

If you want to know what the current weather is like at home or at work, you can find out not only from the Internet or via app, but also via a small electronic weather station. A special gadget that can be easily installed anywhere.

With electronic advertising articles companies hit the nerve of the time
All our lives are constantly changing. And so in our modern society there are a multitude of electronic products that can be used very well for advertising purposes. Companies must also adapt to the signs of the times when it comes to advertising their own business. Customers as well as business partners are happy about free gifts in the form of giveaways. However, these should not only be nice to look at, but also provide practical added value. Electronic promotional items meet exactly this requirement.

Companies that signal to their target group that they will not stand still in their development and recognize the spirit of the times will undoubtedly leave a progressive and open-minded impression. Placing slogans or logos on electronic advertising media gives companies the opportunity to stand out from the competition.

In addition, printed electronic gadgets have a high presence due to their constant use. The perception of a company message reaches not only the user of an advertising article itself, but also its environment. The motto is to remember and generate new customers. Anyone who distributes electronic promotional items at trade fairs, for example, is guaranteed to be remembered very well by visitors.

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Luminous promotional items strengthen the charisma of companies

The development of advertising materials continues to progress. And so the industry is thinking every day about the possibilities that companies can use to draw attention to themselves in addition to the classic promotional items such as pens and notepads. Advertising thrives on its visibility. But when it is not daylight the advertising message should still be perceived. So it is a logical conclusion to use articles as advertising media that glow in the dark. On the one hand they are useful and on the other hand they attract attention. Companies that want to stay in their field of vision at any time of day should include luminous promotional items in their product range. True to the motto: stand out at all costs.

The colourful world of illuminated promotional items
The range of illuminating advertising novelties is just as extensive as the different application type of the different means of publicity. Road safety in particular offers a wide range of products. Backpacks with reflective strips and safety vests provide additional safety on the road. Especially children, who are often alone on their way to school, should be made visible in the best possible way with a safety vest or reflective backpack.

Also advertising classics such as pens can stand out. Writing can be even more fun with a luminous pen and looks even cooler. Beyond that the there are more items to consider –

LED key fob,
LED safety lamps,
Flashlights and
LED lamps illuminated.
All these articles are not only useful in everyday life, they offer companies the opportunity to draw attention to themselves.

Luminous promotional items are clearly visible to everyone
Luminous promotional items make us aware of the importance of safety in darkness and poor lighting conditions. Companies that want to promote themselves regardless of the time of day or the season should use illuminated advertising to show their customers how much they care about their safety and well-being.

Schools or Nurseries are guaranteed to enjoy the giveaway that promotes the safety of children. Printed advertising novelties with a Logo or Slogan will be perceived by parents, and teachers as responsible. Also in the Nurseries the advertising message can be communicated by distributing shining advertising novelties with parents and educators.

Business partners, employees, wherever the illuminated advertising media are used, they are perceived as very useful, safe and great cost effective promotional items.

Umbrellas as promotional items: Good advertising does not know bad weather

In the 18th century, an Englishman made the umbrella popular. The umbrella was originally used to provide shade. Jonas Hanway, however, made the umbrella an indispensable companion of British gentlemen. Hard to imagine nowadays, but in the 18th century an umbrella weighed about 10 pounds and the frame consisted of wooden sticks and whalebone.

Nowadays there are umbrellas, whether as protection against rain or sun, in many conceivable variants. They are not only used as useful accessories in everyday life but Umbrellas are also very popular as promotional items to increase their own visibility.

The great variety of umbrellas
The range of different umbrellas is almost endless. They are available in all imaginable sizes and colours. Pocket umbrellas, for example, can be easily stowed away in handbags and briefcases and are therefore an extremely useful companion when on the move. And those who like it a bit more colourful will find what they are looking for. With an umbrella in rainbow colours you can defy the dirty weather in a colourful way.

In addition, there is still:

Umbrellas for children,
Umbrellas with reflector strips,
Umbrellas in mini format,
umbrellas with storm resistance and
noble automatic umbrellas with wooden handle

In Japan, umbrellas are even true all-rounders. In the land of the rising sun, it is not used during the rainy season, but in summer as a protection against UV radiation and overheating.

However, if this type of sun protection were also to establish itself with us, companies could undoubtedly use umbrellas even more as promotional items.

Umbrellas as promotional items are true advertising classics
Umbrellas are indispensable as a classic advertising medium. Printed with an advertising message or logo, they are an extremely effective advertising media. Because there are suitable umbrellas for every occasion, umbrellas as promotional items have a very high range. A printed umbrella not only accompanies customers and business partners in all weathers, but also combines the usefulness of such an accessory with the original property of effectively advertising your own company. After all, umbrellas are clearly visible in the rain, and above all at head height.

Especially on grey, rainy days, colourful, original and above all high-quality umbrellas stand out even more. Provided with a clearly visible logo or slogan, they cannot be overlooked. They also promote a positive corporate image, as it signals that companies are there for their customers and business partners in all weathers and would literally never leave them out in the rain. A company signals how important this group of people is to them. And umbrellas should also be considered as useful advertising media in your own company, as they strengthen identification with the company.

Umbrellas are undoubtedly one of the most frequently used items of daily use. Whether toddler or senior, man or woman, couple or single, they are indispensable in everyday life for everyone.


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Why fitness promotional items are now just right!

Fitness wristbands, smart watches and other fitness gadgets are becoming an increasingly important topic for advertisers thanks to their great popularity.

Self-optimization as a motivation factor
Whether we see or read reports about stars and starlets or just look into our own circle of friends and acquaintances. Everywhere is THE ever growing big topic of fitness, wellness or how to get into better shape. Your good friend uses a fitness bracelet with a matching app and tells you on Facebook how many kilometres he has run successfully today, smart watches determine your blood pressure, monitor sleep phases and your heartbeat.

What used to require a doctor’s visit can now be achieved from the comfort of your wrist. These devices are very competitively priced. With your company logo, a fitness gadget is a nice little promotional item – and a practical helper in the everyday life of your customers!

Fitness wristbands concentrated on the essentials are promotional items, usually much cheaper than the equipment available in specialist shops and thus the ideal gift for fitness beginners or newcomers to fitness. The target group for fitness promotional items is definitely huge.

Equip the staff of your company with a set of fitness wristbands; present to good business friends, and go for a few rounds in the city park or outdoors together! As the saying goes: There is nothing good unless you do it

The smallest fitness tracker: Pedometer
Even on the range of the strewing articles fitness advertising have already arrived. The great thing about this advertising medium is that it not only reaches adults who want to optimise, but also the very young ones. One example: On one hand, we have the office worker who looks proudly in the evening at his pedometer branded with your company logo or company slogan and feels good about having done something for his/her body.

And then there is the schoolchild, who proudly presents a few thousand steps on his pedometer. Here, for once, it’s not about optimization, but about the childlike fun of setting and breaking your own records. A pedometer, for example, motivates pedometers to move in different ways, and what used to work mechanically is now, of course, digital in today’s generation of pedometers.

Fitness promotional items that make self-optimization more pleasant
But completely contrary to the statement made above that today in the fitness area everything must be measurable and documentable: Some utensils are as essential today as they were years ago. The most important thing in everyday sports is to drink enough fluids. There is a good, stable and best also impact-resistant drinking bottle such as the drinking bottle Flip Top. If it also looks stylish and is made of BPA-free plastic, the health and design-conscious (new or re)-sportsman will be happy about your fitness promotional gift even more. In addition to regularity and an adequate intake of fluids, safety is also an important issue in sport.

Throughout the day, most people don’t have time to run or cycle kilometres to gain muscle and lose excess pounds. That’s why most people do their sport early in the morning or in the evening. And in the twilight or already in the dark the visibility is clearly lower than in the afternoon. You can help this too. You know that some of your customers go jogging at these times? Instead of a fitness wristband, an LED-lit running belt is the ideal solution. Practical: The runner or cyclist can be seen very well and also has an intelligent way to store his mobile phone and the keys in the integrated zippered pocket.

How do you benefit from fitness articles as an advertising medium?
As already mentioned, support your employees or your customers in staying fit. Perhaps by handing them a fitness wristband, a sports bag or a similar utensil, you will give them the impulse to pay more attention to their health. And if the person receiving the gift then implements his/her plan to bring the body back into shape, he connects at least part of this positive experience with them.

This process is even more successful if you have the relevant fitness or wellness device printed with your company name. This has the additional positive effect that it also increases the visibility of your company or brand in public.

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Colourful advertising with balloons

They make children’s eyes light up. Decorate every party. Not to be missed at ceremonial business openings or anniversaries. They play a part at sporting events and are available in numerous versions, they give you the feel good factor. Balloons are an indispensable accessory for every happy occasion. In addition, balloons are ideal for conveying advertising messages. Companies that use balloons as advertising material attract attention in a particularly colourful way.

Popular with young and old: Balloons
Everyone undoubtedly remembers their childhood all too well and remembers receiving their first balloon. Also the disappointment when the beautiful colourful balloon slides out of the hands and floats unstoppably towards the sky. Even though hardly anyone will forget such an event in retrospect, balloons are still the epitome of joy and fun.

Parties have long used balloons in their election campaigns. After all, election campaigns are above all a time for presents. In addition to the use of election posters, the parties are trying to draw attention to themselves with balloons. Of course, printable balloons are a must.

If you want to really light up your event and impress your guests, there is nothing better than the LED balloon. Luminous LED balloons are an extraordinary and atmospheric idea for the most diverse occasions.

Use balloons as an advertising opportunity for corporate advertising.
Advertising always plays an important role for companies. Because the external appearance is undoubtedly an elementary basis for the image formation of a company. In addition to cultivating a company’s image, it is of course also important to increase the company’s level of awareness. In order to achieve sustainable success with advertising, a high budget is by no means necessary.

Besides advertising classics such as pens and calendars, companies should not neglect the use of balloons as advertising material. Colourful balloons will offer the company the opportunity to attract the attention of even the youngest and, at the same time, they can open an unobtrusive conversation with their parents – while the children enjoy the balloons.

Another advantage of balloons as an advertising medium is that they are perceived from a great distance and thus attract attention, for example to the opening of a new shop.

Balloons are among the most popular giveaways at summer parties, to which companies not only invite employees, but also the public. Even if the balloon runs out of air at some point, a company logo or slogan remains present even after the event. In addition, everyone likes to remember a successful, atmospheric event and will automatically associate this with the organizing company.