There you go: Win the hearts of customers with giveaways (& increase sales)

 Everybody likes to get a present. But how can this fact be used to sell something online? After all, sales should be increased and giving something away is counterproductive at first. Read this article to find out how it can still work!
Can Facebook Ads generate more revenue or should I invest in SEO? Maybe even print advertising? Giveaways and promotional items could also be interesting. And Influencer marketing should also work quite well…

But can giveaways and promotional items provide new customers?
If you are sitting at your desk right now, there is a good chance that at least one of the pens within reach of a company.

A promotional gift! Great, but ask yourself the following:

Are you a customer of the company? Do you even know what the company sells?

When I look at the ballpoint pen to my left – Dolomagon® – the answer is a clear “no”.

Nevertheless, the ballpoint pen seems to be the most popular promotional item.

And although factors such as brand awareness should not be underestimated, it is questionable whether ballpoint pens provide a massive ROI.

Likewise, no customer will be overjoyed if you enclose a ballpoint pen with the order. The most common reaction is an indifferent shrug of the shoulders.

Who gives away articles, which have no value for the presented one, can donate its advertising budget also equal.

Perhaps you have already noticed yourself how you avoid promoters at trade fairs because you don’t want to carry around a poison bag with useless articles all day long.

Nevertheless, giveaways have a huge potential and should not be underestimated.

Because correctly used, customers connect your offers with positive emotions and buy again and again.

Online marketers are aware of the power of promotional gifts. The effectiveness is even scientifically proven.

The law of reciprocity is a basic human principle and can be explained briefly with “Like you to me, so I to you”.

In his book Influence, Dr. Robert Cialdini explains that reciprocity is deeply rooted in the human psyche. One of the examples he uses in his book is the Hare Krishna movement.

In the 1970s, they stood in crowded shopping streets and “gave” flowers to people passing by.

Although most people reacted annoyed by this gift, many donations could still be collected for the organization.

Not because the pedestrians suddenly became Hare Krishna fans, but simply because it feels bad to take something and give nothing back.

Vladislav Melnik, the founder of Chimpify, gives another example:

Can you perhaps remember the last time you picked up a bite to eat at the supermarket?
How did you feel afterwards?
Maybe you felt like you owed the nice lady or the nice gentleman something now. And maybe you took a pack of the cheese with you.
Even if you didn’t really like it. You had a feeling of guilt. She did something for you. Now you have to do something for her.
If the law of reciprocity is used to inspire existing and potential customers with your own shop or product, you can build up a loyal customer base.

Without a ballpoint pen.

There are plenty of examples where giveaways and promotional items have not only increased customer loyalty but have also attracted a lot of new customers.

Basically, any form of marketing is about one thing:

To gain the attention and trust of potential customers in order to build a relationship.
But as the competition in e-commerce becomes stronger and stronger, it’s not that easy.

For this reason, you will find here…

Strategies that you can use to transform interested shoppers into loyal customers with the help of giveaways and promotional gifts.
Each of these strategies can be implemented quickly.

Whether you combine them with each other or use them individually is up to you.

Read through the giveaway ideas and consider how they can be used for your business.

Each of them has the potential to increase customer loyalty (and sales). Try it out!

Let’s do this:

Giveaways that make your customers smarter!
You can use this giveaway strategy to attract the attention of potential customers, but also to increase the conversion rate.

Using an example:

Suppose you focus your shop on one industry, e.g. golf.

As in any other industry, you are not the only supplier selling golf equipment. Also, the prices will hardly differ from the competition.

So how can you ensure that customers buy from you and not from your competitors?

You may already guess the answer: Give something away!

Although every golfer would be happy to get 5 golf balls for free with every order, this reduces the turnover massively.

Wouldn’t it be much better to give something away that doesn’t negatively influence your turnover, but is nevertheless perceived as valuable?

Before you ponder for too long what that could be, I’ll tell you the answer:

Give away an e-book, mini-course or guide that provides your potential customers with added value.

To stick to the golf example, the following giveaways would probably be very interesting for many golf fans:

‘The 21 most beautiful golf courses in Europe’

3 professional strategies to improve the handicap

The secret to the perfect putt

How the best golfers in the world prepare for a big tournament

Video course: The perfect tee shot

On your website and product pages, indicate that there is a free guide with every order.

Although they offer the same product at the same price as your competitors, you are now ahead.

You get something for free, the competition doesn’t.

Of course, these giveaways do not only work for golfers.

In every industry, there is potential for guides, e-books or mini-courses. A few examples:

  • The 17 Best Home Yoga Exercises
  • 23 delicious recipes for vegan cupcakes that your friends will love
  • It will make your lawn so beautiful that even the Queen will be jealous. Tips & Tricks
  • Wake up full of energy: The secret to a good night’s sleep.
  • Styling tips from a celebrity stylist for the big day
  • E-Book: Change your own tires. That’s it!
  • Mini-course: From skateboard beginner to professional
  • The ultimate holiday checklist. You have to take that with you!
  • So you’ll become a better lover and make sure you have an unforgettable night.
  • Just switch it off. 7 tips to become less stressful

Perhaps you already have a few ideas in mind. Alternatively, you can get support from a content expert.

As mentioned at the beginning, this digital giveaway can increase your conversion rate.

But that’s not all.

It can be assumed that an e-book with the title The 21 most beautiful golf courses in Europe is only interesting for golf enthusiasts. So you are targeting exactly that group if you run a golf shop.

The e-book can, therefore, be used by you to attract the attention of potential customers.

The procedure of this advertising campaign looks – simplified – like this

  1. Advertise the e-book on Facebook

2. Direct interested users to a simple landing page

3. Offer the e-book there as a free download in exchange for the e-mail address

4. Send the e-book

With a digital promotional gift, you can build up an e-mail list of potential customers, who you can advertise by e-mail and inform about new offers.

This allows you to establish a personal connection despite the anonymity of the Internet.

If you want to add a scoop, you can also offer the customer a voucher code or promotional items for the next purchase at this point.

“To thank us for your confidence, you will find a personal 15% voucher for your next purchase with us!





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10 tips for a successful trade fair appearance

Trade fairs are among the largest budget items in the marketing budget. Only those who strategically plan and professionally implement trade fair appearances can profit from long-term success and justify the costs. We have developed a trade fair guide for you that gives you orientation before, during and after the trade fair.

1. Think strategically

Precisely because the costs for the trade fair appearance are relatively high, there is no room for the principle of “trial and error goes over study”. Think in advance why you want to attend this trade fair. Is it a public fair or a trade fair? Which audience do you want to meet? What are your goals? What financial resources are available? Do you have enough manpower to manage the trade fair project yourself? A specialised communications agency can not only support you in the conception phase and deliver creative ideas. It is also able to take over the entire project management for you, as well as the responsibility for deadlines and budgets.

2. Write a trade fair concept

Put yourself in the shoes of your existing and potential customers. Looking for this information? Or a specialist consultation on a product or service? Do you want to buy? Or is it more about deepening and cultivating relationships? Think carefully. Choose a trade fair strategy that optimally meets the needs of your customers. A coherent trade fair concept helps to recall the objectives you have set yourself and to clearly communicate to third parties, e.g. stand builders or stand personnel, why you chose this particular trade fair.

3. Plan ahead

Good preparation is half the battle. If you are taking part in a trade fair for the first time, you should start planning at least 12 months in advance. If necessary, relieve your communications department by calling in a communications agency at an early stage. This way you can be sure that experienced specialists will lead your project safely and on time.

4. Choose your stand carefully

Study the hall plans. How many square metres do you need? Should the stand only be open on one side? Or on two, three or four sides? How do the streams of visitors run? Do you want a trade fair stand to the right or left of the streams of visitors? Take a close look and choose your stand location carefully, also with regard to neighbouring stands and competitors. A good stand has a huge influence on the success of a trade fair. Stand design also depends on the choice of stand location.

5. Keep an eye on your competitors

Take a look around. Which of your competitors are also at the fair? How do they appear? How can you stand out? Remember that your competitors at the fair are fighting for the same customers as you. Before the fair, inform your customers why a visit to your stand is worthwhile. Make appointments, organise an attractive competition or get involved as a specialist speaker at supporting events organised by the trade fair management. The more time customers spend with you, the less time you have for your competitors.

6. Orchestrate the trade fair communication

Don’t just think of advertisements in the trade fair newspaper or customer invitations when you think of trade fair communication. Think also of your in-house media such as website, customer magazine, customer mailing or social media. Communication also takes place via stand design. Distinguish yourself from your competitors with an individual stand appearance. Present yourself unmistakably, but authentically. Your goal should be to leave a lasting positive impression in the minds of your relevant dialogue groups.

7. Do not forget the media

Invite journalists to the fair, send a media release or plan a media conference. The latter, however, only if you can present a real primeur to a broad public or a specialist audience.

8. Show your colours at the trade fair

Buy advertising space on the exhibition grounds. Show your presence on posters, advertisements or in editorial articles.
Design your exhibition stand to be open, bright and inviting. Show your courage and try something new.

9. Be a good host

It’s finally time. Customers, prospective customers or potential employees visit you at your stand. The moment of truth has arrived.

Stand personnel: Only entrust your stand to competent and friendly stand personnel. Even at the end of a long trade fair day, guests want to be treated with courtesy. Avoid the typical mistakes in customer service. If in doubt, send the stand personnel to a professional trade fair training course.
Drinks and seating: A visit to the trade fair is exhausting. Be a good host. Your guest will appreciate a seat and a little refreshment. Use the time for a sales talk or for cultivating relationships.
Information brochures and give-aways: Keep suitable information material at hand and give your guest a small present on the way.
Competitions and trade fair games: Both create a good atmosphere, are extremely popular and attract visitors to the stand.

10. after the fair is before the fair

For an investment of this magnitude, it is important to review the targets that have been set. Manoeuvre criticism helps to identify critical factors, record them in writing and optimise them at the next trade fair presentation. What else can you do?

Visit reports/leads: Many companies are familiar with this form of success measurement. It is important to electronically record the contact data of the leads (prospective customers) so that they are available for later marketing activities. It is just as important to get in touch with visitors promptly and keep promises. Does a trade fair lead also generate sales? This question can only be answered by those who “track” leads in the weeks and months following the trade fair. In practice, leads are usually forwarded to the sales department and the sales success is not documented.
Final calculation: Make a summary of all costs after the trade fair. This creates cost transparency. It also helps to budget upcoming trade fairs correctly.





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Now colour comes into play: Colourfully printed cups & mugs are atmospheric advertising ambassadors!

Colours work – for every corporate colour and every CI the right promotional items!

Colours are pure emotions. They appeal to something deep inside us that we cannot control: Associations and feelings that are stronger than facts and figures. Red, green, yellow, blue, pink, black – every colour has a specific message. Those who know how to use this message specifically for their company can communicate with their customers on an emotional level.

Cups and mugs are particularly suitable as colourful advertising media – especially if they have been effectively refined with a colourful advertising print or laser engraving. A message with depth: laser engraving adds colour to the cup

Cups and mugs are timeless advertising classics that everyone likes to receive as gifts. Use the power of the colours to underline your advertising message.

We recommend “colour laser treatment”. With it, your company logo appears on the cup Bafy in the colour of the interior walls. How can this be done?

The laser engraving removes the upper black colour layer of the cup and thus brings out the underlying colour of the cup: a strong green, pink, red, orange or yellow.

This finishing technique is something very special. It gives your advertising message depth in the truest sense of the word because the laser “sinks” your logo practically into the cup and can be felt. In addition to the feel, the high durability also speaks for laser engraving.

With a personal message: laser engraving with individual names
“Anna”, “Isabelle”, “Stefan” – name your customers by name and you are sure to attract attention! The cup Bafy can be provided with individual names. Thanks to laser engraving an individual name appears in the colour of the interior walls.

This gift is so personal that your customer will feel flattered, pleased and valued.

We are sure that this cup will not end up in the back of the kitchen cupboard, but will be proudly presented every day while drinking tea or coffee.

It gets colourful: These cups with advertising print are real eye-catchers.
The sustainable ECO mug made of bamboo, cereal starch and wood fibres is available in the colours coral, spring green, blue, beige and grey. Logos and advertising slogans can be applied to the rough surface by means of screen printing or advertising print and stick for a long time – even in the head of your customers.
As strong as a good coffee: the colours red, yellow, green or yellow are particularly strong in the Handy Pure coffee mug – but only on the inside. On the outside, the cup is simply white and matt, the perfect canvas for a (colour-matching) advertising print.
The elegant Specta cup makes a colourful statement and can be decoratively enhanced with an advertising print.
It can also be colourful all around: with a 4-colour advertising print, you can set coloured accents on the wide glass cup made of white, frosted glass or go the whole hog.
And what colour should it be for you? – A small colour encyclopedia
The right shade subconsciously awakens specific associations with your customers immediately. We show you which colour works on how.

Orange is a colour full of energy. It conveys youthfulness, verve and fun.

Yellow makes you happy. The colour stands for joy and spontaneity.

Red is pure energy and determination. But we also associate heat, excitement, forbidden things with this colour.

Green stands for nature, growth, renewal, harmony and stability.

Blue is the most popular colour in the world. It stands for peace, professionalism, trust and intelligence.

Violet is mystical, spiritual and luxurious.

Pink is feminine, gentle and shy, elegant and youthful.

Ideally, you should choose a cup colour that matches your corporate colours and thus underline your corporate identity. If you don’t find what you are looking for – with our Americano cup, for example – you can – thanks to Hydrocolor – even have your advertising cup coloured in any Pantone shade!





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Advertising novelties for car dealership – Open door day!

Open Days give companies the opportunity to not only give their customers and visitors a glimpse behind the scenes but also advertise themselves and their products. Especially in the car trade, such events are often combined with festive offers for the whole family and special sales campaigns. The “Sales” are already starting in the shops and it has to be “everything out” again. So it is best to plan your Open Day well ahead of time.

The whole preparation begins, as with a family celebration at home, with the festive decorations for the venue. After all, the guests and visitors should be able to see from afar that “something is really going on”! With our promotional balloons, paper flags and banners you can really attract attention – no one will pass by you again. TIP: The small flags and balloons are sold especially for any junior guests, so it’s better to order a few more.

Promotional medium for decoration:

Promotional items Balloons 
Promotional Advertising Flags & Banners

Sweet Mint Tin

are perfect for stand tables and entrance/exit areas. These eye-catching giveaways together with advertising flags in tall glasses attract attention and serve as a “sweet filling station” for a small energy boost.
With the original Sweet Mint Tin, your advertising gets a particularly charming touch, because it simply looks great.
Sufficient space to convey your individual advertising message to your event visitors in an original way.
Conclusion: The Sweet Mint Tin – an unforgettable advertising medium.

But that´s  not all…….here are more useful Promotional Giveaway ideas for Car Dealerships:

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8 tips for the use of promotional items for start-ups

The right marketing mix is an important success factor, especially for start-ups. Even the most innovative idea will not be a bestseller if potential customers do not learn about the existence of the new company and its products. The marketing strategy must be always cut also to the individual enterprise, who considers, however, the following 8 Tipps, is on a good way to successful brand awareness.

1. Define your target group
Many founders produce advertising materials that they themselves find cool or practical. This often means that the products are sold like hot cakes and are often used – but do not lead to increased sales figures. It is therefore important to define an exact target group right from the start.

All further decisions can then be made on this basis. When defining the target group, the previous sales figures can be an important indicator. There you can see which groups of people are addressed by a product and where the use of advertising material is therefore worthwhile.

2. Define the budget precisely in advance
Only when the financial framework has been established can a suitable advertising medium be selected. The maximum principle applies here: the fixed sum is intended to generate the largest possible range. It is of little use, for example, to have extremely expensive and high-quality products produced if the financial framework is not sufficient to order relevant quantities. In this case, it would make more sense to use inexpensive yet high-quality advertising media and to stand out from the crowd with a clever design, for example. Creativity is therefore required to stand out with the typical founder’s litter articles. On the other hand, if you have a large budget or a small target group, it makes sense to use high-quality products to win customers.


3. Allow enough time
An advertising campaign needs sufficient lead time. Anyone who notices only two days before an event that they urgently need ballpoint pens with the company logo is giving away a lot of potentials. On the one hand, it can happen that the advertising media become significantly more expensive because express delivery becomes necessary, for example. On the other hand, many possibilities are wasted in the design of the products, for example, because there is no time to try out different approaches. The exchange of ideas and creative suggestions must also be reduced to a minimum under time pressure. It is therefore also important for startups to invest in the long-term production of advertising material in order to achieve an optimal effect.

4. Advertising media are part of an overall concept
There are more advertising opportunities today than ever before. Online marketing has also established a branch of its own that did not even exist a few decades ago. However, classic advertising media have by no means lost any of their relevance as a result. The opposite is the case: the combination of new advertising possibilities with classical advertising media increases the effectiveness and efficiency of both approaches. Marketing should therefore always be designed as an overall concept so that every form of advertising can be used where it has the greatest possible effect. This allows startups to make efficient use of the resources available and to keep wastage to a minimum.

5. Rely on a marketing mix
The right mix of classic and innovation is important. The selection of the right advertising medium is of enormous importance for the success of a campaign. Basically, two categories can be distinguished: Established classics such as ballpoint pens and lighters and more individual and new products such as printed USB sticks or Powerbanks. There is no right or wrong, rather startups should focus on a balanced mix. So it is often not realistic to give every stand visitor a Bluetooth Easykeyfinder at a trade fair. With particularly important customers, however, such an extraordinary advertising medium can leave an impression and unfold a positive effect.


6. Less is often more when it comes to design
Advertising media have a certain size, which can be changed only conditionally. This means that the advertising message must also be adapted accordingly. So it is not necessary to print the complete company address, the address of the homepage and a telephone number are usually sufficient. Not all available design elements need to be used either. A certain understatement – for example with a small logo in the corner and the colours of the corporate design – is much more appreciated by the users. Even a short and concise advertising slogan often says more than long sentences and explanations.

7. Quality before quantity
Even if advertising material is not sold, but given away, the quality of the products is associated with the printer company. It is therefore advisable to rely from the outset on a renowned manufacturer with a high-quality offer. The quality of the products also has a positive effect on the price-performance ratio of an advertising campaign: If the advertising media last longer and continue to function well, potential customers will use them much more often. Startups should therefore never save on the quality of the advertising material they buy. If the budget for a certain product is too small, it is more advisable for startups to switch to a cheaper, but nevertheless high-quality advertising medium.

8. Always be persistent
The same applies to advertise media: A long breath pays off! Marketing always works best when a concept is pursued constantly and on a long-term basis. This also applies to the distribution of advertising material. The greatest successes come from start-ups that consider a convincing and coherent concept and then pursue it permanently. Although irregular individual actions also have a positive effect, it is much smaller.

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