Umbrellas as promotional items: Good advertising does not know bad weather

In the 18th century, an Englishman made the umbrella popular. The umbrella was originally used to provide shade. Jonas Hanway, however, made the umbrella an indispensable companion of British gentlemen. Hard to imagine nowadays, but in the 18th century an umbrella weighed about 10 pounds and the frame consisted of wooden sticks and whalebone.

Nowadays there are umbrellas, whether as protection against rain or sun, in many conceivable variants. They are not only used as useful accessories in everyday life but Umbrellas are also very popular as promotional items to increase their own visibility.

The great variety of umbrellas
The range of different umbrellas is almost endless. They are available in all imaginable sizes and colours. Pocket umbrellas, for example, can be easily stowed away in handbags and briefcases and are therefore an extremely useful companion when on the move. And those who like it a bit more colourful will find what they are looking for. With an umbrella in rainbow colours you can defy the dirty weather in a colourful way.

In addition, there is still:
Umbrellas for children,
Umbrellas with reflector strips,
Umbrellas in mini format,
umbrellas with storm resistance and
noble automatic umbrellas with wooden handle

In Japan, umbrellas are even true all-rounders. In the land of the rising sun, it is not used during the rainy season, but in summer as a protection against UV radiation and overheating.

However, if this type of sun protection were also to establish itself with us, companies could undoubtedly use umbrellas even more as promotional items.

Umbrellas as promotional items are true advertising classics

Umbrellas are indispensable as a classic advertising medium. Printed with an advertising message or logo, they are an extremely effective advertising media. Because there are suitable umbrellas for every occasion, umbrellas as promotional items have a very high range. A printed umbrella not only accompanies customers and business partners in all weathers, but also combines the usefulness of such an accessory with the original property of effectively advertising your own company. After all, umbrellas are clearly visible in the rain, and above all at head height.

Especially on grey, rainy days, colourful, original and above all high-quality umbrellas stand out even more. Provided with a clearly visible logo or slogan, they cannot be overlooked. They also promote a positive corporate image, as it signals that companies are there for their customers and business partners in all weathers and would literally never leave them out in the rain. A company signals how important this group of people is to them. And umbrellas should also be considered as useful advertising media in your own company, as they strengthen identification with the company.

Umbrellas are undoubtedly one of the most frequently used items of daily use. Whether toddler or senior, man or woman, couple or single, they are indispensable in everyday life for everyone.



Consumers are increasingly finding QR codes on product packaging, in magazines and on advertising posters. Recently, they are printed on many items or flyers and can be easily read with modern smartphones. They provide interesting information about products or events. The square codes do not stop at the advertising industry either. To increase the advertising effect, they are often displayed on give-aways.

The two-dimensional code was developed in Japan in 1994. Initially, QR codes, which mean quick response in translation, were used in the Toyota Group. Today, customers can hardly get past them. Printed on promotional gifts, the customer or business partner has the unique opportunity to obtain more detailed information about the advertising company.

A code is used to redirect the customer to the homepage, a product detail page or other websites and thus simply makes the customer get to know the company and its products or services. QR codes can be applied to almost all promotional items. Even on a ballpoint pen, there is enough space for the informative data square. They are popular in connection with cups, bags and especially USB sticks. Thanks to the QR codes, promotional items are again significantly enhanced.

QR code Image Logo

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Easter – Making others happy with sweet promotional items

In food retailing, sweets are the rage with the highest turnover. In particular, and not as one might assume at Christmas time, but at Easter, consumption is particularly high. At no other time is so much money spent on confectionery than at Easter, because many consumers reward themselves at the end of the Lent. They consider friends and relatives with sweet gifts during the Easter season. At the same time, Easter is also an ideal time for companies to make customers and business partners happy with sweet promotional items and advertising materials.

Fruit gumscookiesbiscuits, and ice cream are also very popular. The foundation for our love of sweets is undoubtedly laid in childhood. Also people associate sweets with beautiful memories of their own childhood.

Sweet promotional items – something for every taste
Companies don’t have to spend much money to give customers and business partners a little joy at Easter with a sweet-filled Easter
gift. Chocolate and sweets are generally advertised as an advertising gift, which depends on quality and appealing packaging.

From sweet articles such as the mini versions of Mars, Twix, Snickers and Bounty bars to fine chocolate editions such as the Chocri Chocolate World Tour or the Rabbel Presence Box with 12 fine chocolates and truffles, there is something for every taste.

Sweet promotional items
Everyone likes to receive
a gift, especially a sweet promotional gift. The occasion is almost immaterial, though large events like as Easter and Christmas are always good fun.

However, this does not mean that sweets, as promotional items cannot be a complete success on other days. However, the needs of the respective target group should always be taken into account. Companies should find out which holidays and events are important to their target group. After all, chocolate, gummy bears, muesli bars and sweets are also popular promotional items outside Lent.