Open Days give companies the opportunity to not only give their customers and visitors a glimpse behind the scenes but also advertise themselves and their products. Especially in the car trade, such events are often combined with festive offers for the whole family and special sales campaigns. The “Sales” are already starting in the shops and it has to be “everything out” again. So it is best to plan your Open Day well ahead of time.

The whole preparation begins, as with a family celebration at home, with the festive decorations for the venue. After all, the guests and visitors should be able to see from afar that “something is really going on”! With our promotional balloons, paper flags and banners you can really attract attention – no one will pass by you again. TIP: The small flags and balloons are sold especially for any junior guests, so it’s better to order a few more.

Promotional medium for decoration:

Promotional items Balloons 
Promotional Advertising Flags & Banners

Sweet Mint Tin

are perfect for stand tables and entrance/exit areas. These eye-catching giveaways together with advertising flags in tall glasses attract attention and serve as a “sweet filling station” for a small energy boost.
With the original Sweet Mint Tin, your advertising gets a particularly charming touch, because it simply looks great.
Sufficient space to convey your individual advertising message to your event visitors in an original way.
Conclusion: The Sweet Mint Tin – an unforgettable advertising medium.

But that´s  not all…….here are more useful Promotional Giveaway ideas for Car Dealerships:

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