The right marketing mix is an important success factor, especially for start-ups. Even the most innovative idea will not be a bestseller if potential customers do not learn about the existence of the new company and its products. The marketing strategy must be always cut also to the individual enterprise, who considers, however, the following 8 Tipps, is on a good way to successful brand awareness.

1. Define your target group
Many founders produce advertising materials that they themselves find cool or practical. This often means that the products are sold like hot cakes and are often used – but do not lead to increased sales figures. It is therefore important to define an exact target group right from the start.

All further decisions can then be made on this basis. When defining the target group, the previous sales figures can be an important indicator. There you can see which groups of people are addressed by a product and where the use of advertising material is therefore worthwhile.

2. Define the budget precisely in advance
Only when the financial framework has been established can a suitable advertising medium be selected. The maximum principle applies here: the fixed sum is intended to generate the largest possible range. It is of little use, for example, to have extremely expensive and high-quality products produced if the financial framework is not sufficient to order relevant quantities. In this case, it would make more sense to use inexpensive yet high-quality advertising media and to stand out from the crowd with a clever design, for example. Creativity is therefore required to stand out with the typical founder’s litter articles. On the other hand, if you have a large budget or a small target group, it makes sense to use high-quality products to win customers.

3. Allow enough time
An advertising campaign needs sufficient lead time. Anyone who notices only two days before an event that they urgently need ballpoint pens with the company logo is giving away a lot of potentials. On the one hand, it can happen that the advertising media become significantly more expensive because express delivery becomes necessary, for example. On the other hand, many possibilities are wasted in the design of the products, for example, because there is no time to try out different approaches. The exchange of ideas and creative suggestions must also be reduced to a minimum under time pressure. It is therefore also important for startups to invest in the long-term production of advertising material in order to achieve an optimal effect.

4. Advertising media are part of an overall concept
There are more advertising opportunities today than ever before. Online marketing has also established a branch of its own that did not even exist a few decades ago. However, classic advertising media have by no means lost any of their relevance as a result. The opposite is the case: the combination of new advertising possibilities with classical advertising media increases the effectiveness and efficiency of both approaches. Marketing should therefore always be designed as an overall concept so that every form of advertising can be used where it has the greatest possible effect. This allows startups to make efficient use of the resources available and to keep wastage to a minimum.

5. Rely on a marketing mix
The right mix of classic and innovation is important. The selection of the right advertising medium is of enormous importance for the success of a campaign. Basically, two categories can be distinguished: Established classics such as ballpoint pens and lighters and more individual and new products such as printed USB sticks or Powerbanks. There is no right or wrong, rather startups should focus on a balanced mix. So it is often not realistic to give every stand visitor a Bluetooth Easykeyfinder at a trade fair. With particularly important customers, however, such an extraordinary advertising medium can leave an impression and unfold a positive effect.


6. Less is often more when it comes to design
Advertising media have a certain size, which can be changed only conditionally. This means that the advertising message must also be adapted accordingly. So it is not necessary to print the complete company address, the address of the homepage and a telephone number are usually sufficient. Not all available design elements need to be used either. A certain understatement – for example with a small logo in the corner and the colours of the corporate design – is much more appreciated by the users. Even a short and concise advertising slogan often says more than long sentences and explanations.

7. Quality before quantity
Even if advertising material is not sold, but given away, the quality of the products is associated with the printer company. It is therefore advisable to rely from the outset on a renowned manufacturer with a high-quality offer. The quality of the products also has a positive effect on the price-performance ratio of an advertising campaign: If the advertising media last longer and continue to function well, potential customers will use them much more often. Startups should therefore never save on the quality of the advertising material they buy. If the budget for a certain product is too small, it is more advisable for startups to switch to a cheaper, but nevertheless high-quality advertising medium.

8. Always be persistent
The same applies to advertise media: A long breath pays off! Marketing always works best when a concept is pursued constantly and on a long-term basis. This also applies to the distribution of advertising material. The greatest successes come from start-ups that consider a convincing and coherent concept and then pursue it permanently. Although irregular individual actions also have a positive effect, it is much smaller.

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