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What can haptic advertising media do?
Why are they so widespread even in times of online media?


1st Range
Studies show: On an average day, promotional items reach more people than the classic mass media TV, daily newspapers or posters. They can be used for various purposes, such as trade fairs, company events or seasonal holidays and reach not only the addressee but also his environment. It was shown that a ballpoint pen alone can generate around 5,615 eye contacts with the advertising brand.

2. Reminder value
Not only the reach of the giveaways is convincing, but also the memorable value is impressive. In 78% of the distributed advertising media, the owners remember the brand or company name of the advertising company. So you stay in the memory of your customers for a long time.

3. Utility value
Usability is one of the most important criteria in the selection of promotional products. 93% of promotional product owners use them regularly. They find a fixed place in everyday office life, at home or on the road.

4. Popularity
Many advertising channels have a disturbing effect on your target group. For example, 66% say they feel disturbed by TV commercials. Advertising novelties have however an opposite effect: 73% are the opinion, much too rarely advertising novelties to get. In contrast to other advertising measures, promotional items have no promotional character. They are much more likely to be regarded as gifts by customers, employees or business partners.

5. Versatility
Virtually any article can be used as an advertising medium. The Image Logo UK online shop offers around 50,000 customisable products… and that’s just the beginning! Whether classics, such as ballpoint pens, bags or USB sticks, or creative advertising trends, such as power banks and sunglasses – promotional items can be perfectly adapted to your corporate design through this versatility and be original supporters of advertising campaigns.

So don’t underestimate promotional items! In many respects, they outperform typical advertising channels at comparatively low cost. Use tailor-made promotional items as unique messengers of your message. We at Image Logo UK Ltd are at your disposal.

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