Reusable bags – The eco-friendly and durable advertising medium

Plastic bags pollute the environment. Especially in the open air. Over a period of many years, they slowly disintegrate into tiny particles that reach the sea via rivers. There they become a deadly danger for many marine creatures, as they consider the plastic to be food and eventually die from it. Agreements and new regulations on the handling of plastic bags are beginning to bear fruit. The reusable bag is on the advance!

The better alternative to plastic bags: reusable bags
There is a huge selection of reusable bags that promotes the goodbye of the plastic bag. These bags are much more environmentally friendly and can be used several times. Cotton bags in standard size, miniature format and shopping bags are useful aids in everyday life.

But bags made of sustainable materials are becoming increasingly popular not only for shopping, but also in leisure time. If you are a regular athlete, you enjoy using spacious sports bags and cotton backpacks have long since become a trendy accessory. Shoulder bags made of felt or truck tarpaulin are also extremely practical, not only in everyday life, but also at trade fairs to transport documents.

Promotional bags and backpacks: A key role for companies.
However, reusable bags are more than just useful and durable. In many European cities they have long been established as fashion accessories. With a creatively designed print, reusable bags are not only something for fashion-conscious consumers, but also first-class advertising media for companies and businesses.

As the bags are very popular with the public due to their frequent use, they are therefore suitable for companies to draw attention to themselves. Thus, the reusable bag serves on one hand to avoid plastic waste and on the other hand is a sensible and at the same time inexpensive promotional item for companies.

Companies that advertise for themselves on bags made of sustainable materials can also promote their environmentally friendly image and leave a lasting positive impression on the recipients of advertising messages. Due to the increasing number of vegans, fabric bags can be used to attract attention in this special target group.

Thanks to their large print area, bags also achieve outstanding advertising effects that stand out. The strong presence of a logo or slogan thus increases the perception and consequently the awareness of a company. Due to its high utility value, bags accompany customers and employees in everyday life as well as when shopping or travelling. With printed bags, long-term advertising is possible. Renowned supermarkets have already recognised this trend for themselves. Certainly also against the background of the agreement between the German Trade Association (HDE) and the Ministry of the Environment that plastic bags may no longer be offered free of charge in trade. We reported extensively on this in 2016.

Supermarkets banish plastic bags
So long, plastic bag. We’ll do better. This is PENNY’s motto and has also banned the plastic bag from its 2,100 stores. And so PENNY only offers reusable carrier bags made of paper and cotton as well as a permanent carrier bag. Every year Penny sold 62 million plastic bags.

The discounters LIDL and ALDI have also begun to rethink environmental protection. In this way, they want to make their contribution to sustainable development and environmental protection. The complete abolition of the plastic bag is to take place by the end of 2018.




Exhibiting and promotional merchandise

Here are few tips on exhibiting and how promotional merchandise is a must for all stands.

1.First impressions are so important – clean and eye catching


Your stand must be clean, eye catching inviting and have your brand at the forefront. Your message/advert must be clearly displayed. Roll up banner stands can catch the eye of a prospect walking towards your stand. There is nothing worse than approaching a stand thinking what do they supply.

2. Give them something to talk about

Promotional Metal Wall Clock

The stand, signage and products on display will increase the footfall to your stand. It is so important to consider your target audience. What will they want to see? The latest must have branded merchandise will always create talking points. Decorate the stand. A tower of branded mugs, a glass bowl of colourful printed pens both look eye catching. Organise a business card prize draw to be drawn later at the show. The prize could be a customised wall clock or something else from your range.

3.People like People 

It is so important that you have the correct staff manning your stand. They must be engaging approachable and most of all happy and looking like they want to be there. You want people to approach your stand so I would advise staff wear casual clothing instead of suits. Suits can make you look like all you are interested in is going for the quick sale. In truth that is the idea but I think customised polo shirts always look great and give off the more relaxed approach. They look corporate and tie in with your stand and brand. Staff must be knowledgeable about the product range and services. Mobile phones should be banned from the stand area. There is nothing worse than seeing a salesperson checking the internet as you approach the stand. Same goes for sitting, you should always be standing, sitting is far too casual.


4.Memorable stand giveaways

It is imperative that your stand is kitted out with free promotional giveaways. Don’t give these out to all visitors as quality freebies can attract sample hunters. Be very selective, give a free giveaway to genuine interested visitors that warrant a reminder of their visit. This will remind them of who to get in touch with for your products/services. Branded pens, key rings and cotton shoppers are great give away items for stands. All items will carry your logo and the cotton shopper bag with it’s large branding area will carry you brand around the exhibition for the rest of the day. These products are proven to give a good return on investment. They are useful and unique. It is extremely rare these days to see at stand whatever the exhibition without branded giveaways for visitors. Remember when they leave your stand even if you have created a good impression there is every chance they will forget you unless they have a momento of their visit.


The drinking bottle as an absolute must-have in everyday life!

The drinking bottle, once only for hikers and schoolchildren, has become a new “must have”. With this, it has made the leap from a commodity to a necessary accessory.
Nowadays anyone whose anyone carries a drinking bottle. On the road, in the office, on public transport and – still – in sports. But how did the drinking bottle boom come about?

Focus on recyclability and sustainability
Recyclability is the basis of the new popularity of the bottle. The new bottles that you can see everywhere in everyday life are not only chic and stylish, but also environmentally friendly.

Recycling, recycling and the often seen upcycling of everyday objects are part of a move towards more sustainability. It is not only a fashion to use recyclable drinking bottles, but it is also ecologically valuable. Those who regularly carry these bottles with them make a statement on sustainability. If one combines the topic of “sustainability” (see also the boom in how to use Coffee2Go cups) with skillful marketing, the boom around the actually unspectacular drinking bottle is obvious. The reusable drinking bottle still has a purpose, but at the same time it is much more.

The printed drinking bottle as an ideal advertising medium
And with the further exorbitantly increasing spread of drinking vessels, this is also very interesting for advertising companies. Regardless of whether steel, plastic, glass or aluminium: each of the outer materials is suitable as advertising space, printable, to be branded by etching or also by noble laser engraving.

If your customer is happy about your gift and uses the bottle regularly afterwards, you and your brand are always present for him and others through the company logo or the printed slogan in everyday life. Drinking bottles are therefore not only sustainable, useful and “in” with celebrities and everyone, but also an extremely clever promotional gift for your customers, as they ensure increased visibility of your company.


Advertising novelties in road traffic: advertising with effect

Driving a car is fun.

In addition, the number of people commuting between home and work is also increasing. The number of cyclists on the road is also increasing. So, there’s a lot happening on our streets. For companies, the busyness on the streets offers plenty of opportunities to draw attention to their own company. Promotional items for cars and other road users are the ideal advertising medium.

Promotional items for cars can offer useful added value.

Promotional items in the form of car accessories have long been an important advertising media for the automotive industry and car dealerships. But being able to use useful car accessories as advertising space is also worthwhile for companies from other industries. The range of practical aids for cars and road traffic is extensive.

Carry Caddy/Boot Tidy for the boot is a useful aid in everyday life as well as parking discs. And those who travel a lot by car for professional reasons know how important constant accessibility is. With a practical travel set, the smartphone can also be charged while driving.

The decisive factor for companies is that their logo is not only perceived by the users of this accessory, but also by its environment.

Advertising space for road users

Children, cyclists and pedestrians also have plenty of scope for the use of promotional items. Due to the increased safety awareness, more and more cyclists are wearing warning vests in order to be more visible on the road. This is an excellent opportunity for companies to draw attention to their company by means of an imprint.

In addition, especially in the dark season, joggers pay special attention to their safety and increase their safety on the road by means of reflector bands.

Children are also exposed to an increased risk of road traffic accidents, which is why parents are anxious to make their offspring more visible. With Reflector Bags, companies can not only contribute to the safety of children on the road, but also use them as advertising space.

Using promotional items on the roads in a meaningful way not only increases safety but also raises awareness for companies.

Advertising novelties for the road: advertising with effect

There’s a lot going on our roads. Why not use the security awareness of each individual to promote themselves?

Promotional products for cars and roads are the optimal solution for companies to attract attention. In particular, because the user voluntarily enters into regular contact with the advertisement and is perceived by his environment. Advertising, which can be printed in the form of slogans and company data, is perceived subconsciously but consistently.

Useful promotional items for traffic safety are therefore not only practical but also an excellent advertising medium. Advertising on the road is therefore a profitable business for companies.