Calendars as promotional items: This is how companies show their presence all year round

Most people own one. Some even have several. They help us not only with our time management, but also with holiday planning. They also ensure that we do not forget any birthdays or holidays. And they are available in numerous versions. We’re talking about calendars. But calendars are not only useful in everyday life, they are also ideal as promotional items for companies to draw attention to themselves all year round, and thus permanently.

Calendar – Large selection at a small price
Although digitalization is progressing rapidly, the classic paper calendar is still indispensable for many people. After all, its wide range offers the right calendar in all colours and shapes for everyone. The offer includes

colourful picture calendars
wall calendars
appointment planner
4-month planner and
3-month wall calendar
desk calendar
postal calendar
book calendar

In addition, calendars are also available in book form so that they can be taken anywhere and at any time. Calendars as advertising novelties in such a form are suitable above all for business people, for whom an optimal time management is of great importance. Companies that delight their business partners with a noble Gold Book or a Complete Mind Book are guaranteed to leave an extremely positive impression.

Calendars defy digitalization
Even if the paper calendar does not automatically remind you of an appointment, it offers a lot of advantages. This means that it does not require any special technical requirements, nor does it require Internet access and therefore functions without changing the battery or tiresome recharging. Finally, it is extremely reliable and always ready for action.

Further advantages of paper calendars:

Ideal for quick notes
It’s easier to remember what you’ve written yourself
Inexpensive to buy
Good clarity
Promotes creativity

Calendars as promotional items are indispensable for companies
Printed calendars have the task of combining the useful with the practical. In this way new customers can be addressed and inspired for the recruiting enterprise. The same applies to both existing customers and business partners. Companies that have high-quality calendars printed with a logo or slogan will be permanently remembered by the recipient and at the same time increase the level of awareness of the company.

With a printed calendar as an advertising novelty customers and business partners are not only facilitated the work everyday life, individual advertising messages are noticed besides daily. The organisation of the working week and the coordination of important appointments is also extremely easy with a handy pocket or desk calendar.


Promotional novelties for Spring/Summer 2018

Spring is the first sign for many to look forward to the season. It is also a good time for your customers and business partners.

During the spring and summer seasons we have to deal with temperature fluctuations so we don’t want to be caught out. It is very important to keep hydrated. Sports bottles in various different colours types and sizes are a great promotional item during these times. Sports bottles also have large branding areas for you advert/logo.

Cycling is a favourite past time for many people. It is very important to be noticed by other road users in the dark, our train bag with baglight is a useful product. This item also offers an ideal space for advertising company logos and slogans.

Now the Football World Cup in Russia is a massive event watched by millions. This is a major opportunity for brand awareness.

There are many football related merchandise items including coolbag backpacks, powerbanks, crucial as you don’t want to lose charge at a vital moment. Hand flags, key rings, bottle openers and t shirts are other popular items associated with football and great for brand awareness.

The World Cup 2018 is without doubt a time in which you can leave a lasting impression with business partners and customers with our new articles from the Spring/Summer products.


Join the fight against the single-use Plastic!

The drinking bottle, once only for hikers and schoolchildren, has become a new “must have”. With this, it has made the leap from a commodity to a necessary accessory.
Nowadays anyone whose anyone carries a drinking bottle. On the road, in the office, on public transport and – still – in sports. But how did the drinking bottle boom come about?

Focus on recyclability and sustainability
Recyclability is the basis of the new popularity of the bottle. The new bottles that you can see everywhere in everyday life are not only chic and stylish, but also environmentally friendly.

Recycling, recycling and the often seen upcycling of everyday objects are part of a move towards more sustainability. It is not only a fashion to use recyclable drinking bottles, but it is also ecologically valuable. Those who regularly carry these bottles with them make a statement on sustainability. If one combines the topic of “sustainability” (see also the boom in how to use Coffee2Go cups) with skillful marketing, the boom around the actually unspectacular drinking bottle is obvious. The reusable drinking bottle still has a purpose, but at the same time it is much more.

The printed drinking bottle as an ideal advertising medium
And with the further exorbitantly increasing spread of drinking vessels, this is also very interesting for advertising companies. Regardless of whether steel, plastic, glass or aluminium: each of the outer materials is suitable as advertising space, printable, to be branded by etching or also by noble laser engraving.

If your customer is happy about your gift and uses the bottle regularly afterwards, you and your brand are always present for him and others through the company logo or the printed slogan in everyday life. Drinking bottles are therefore not only sustainable, useful and “in” with celebrities and everyone, but also an extremely clever promotional gift for your customers, as they ensure increased visibility of your company.


Using the Power of Promotional Products at a Golf Event

With the golfing season fast approaching now is the time to start thinking about planning that corporate golf day or treating you best clients to a round in the lovely British sunshine.

Golfing days are great for advertising your business at the same time as taking in all that wonderful competition and breathing in the fresh air.

There are various branded promotional items that can be used on the golf course ranging from a golfing umbrella, clothing, golf balls, golf tees, markers and the ever more popular brand the bottom of the hole. All of these items offer great brand awareness and exposure. There are a range of items to suit all budgets.

So much business is gained on the golf course so it’s very important to look professional and corporate even when you eventually reach the 19th hole!

Promoting your business in the rain with umbrellas!

Most people think umbrellas are just an item you use to keep you dry if it rains. True, but the umbrella is one of the most flexible long lasting promotional products. Everyone uses an umbrella at one time or another. Some people have more than one, one at home, one for the walk to and from the office and even one in the car.

An umbrella is very useful for the occasions you get caught out by the good old British rain shower. But rain is not the only time these wonderful advertising items will be on display. Umbrellas are useful as sunshades for the beach, poolside at swimming pools and to generally protect all of us young and old from the occasional damaging sun rays.


There are such a variety of promotional umbrellas on the market. Most umbrellas are portable but there are also larger patio type umbrellas with stands available. The beauty of all umbrellas is the large advertising area. This can be used to get your advert across to a wide range of audience. You can print on 1, 2, or 4 panels or the complete umbrella. It all depends on your artwork and the type of message you want to portray.  A branded promotional umbrella is a very useful and practical item that will keep your good name out there maximizing your brand.